Mar. 8th, 2014

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I am, after all these years, still pretty good at keeping to my daily devotions.

Every day, I pray to the Norse gods, twenty-two of them. Every day, I pray to the Hellenic gods, also twenty-two (I am open to adding in either case but have not yet felt the need). Every day, I pray to Zeus, to Aphrodite, to Hekate, to Brigid, to Hathor and to Bast.

My daily devotions have expanded over the years, but I have kept to them for probably a decade or more.

Daily devotions quickly become habit, and although I'm not particularly organized in general I do manage to maintain them.

Now, non-daily devotions are another matter. Monthly and weekly observations just don't seem to stick in that same way. Seasonal rites are easier but still don't become such an integral part of my existence. Sometimes I manage well with calendars, but at other times I do not.

I've long thought that had to do with the fact that while a daily observance becomes automatic--if you go to bed without doing it it doesn't feel right, so you quickly learn not to forget--other rites lack that consistency. But lately it's occurred to me that a daily devotion (the ones I do, in any case) tend to have a direct, personal quality, perhaps because of the frequent contact. I suppose it's something to think about with regard to non-daily devotions and rites as well.
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Yesterday's PBP post got me thinking about the five gods whose images have been on my altar for years but who haven't made it into my daily devotions yet, because sometimes I am lame. I am hereby and officially adding them.

Ariadne, quick-witted and wise, who knows much
of love and of loss, I praise and honor you.

Heracles, stout and stalwart son of thundering Zeus,
able one, of might unmatched, I praise and honor you.

Hebe, good and gracious goddess, honored one who bears
the ambrosial cup, I praise and honor you.

Bright-crowned Helios, master of the fiery wain,
the feverish steeds before it, I praise and honor you.

Selene of the night sky, who bears the crescent
on her brow, watchful one, I praise and honor you.

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