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Paganism, they say, is a nature-based religion. It's one of the primary identifiers, one of the things that's always included in "What is a Pagan" articles and lists. I think it's one of the reasons some pagans and polytheists specify that they are "devotional" or "god-focused," although most nature-based pagans I know don't actually worship nature per se, rather honoring nature and worshipping nature-focused deities. (Not that there's anything wrong with worshipping nature, of course, although some use the term "nature-worshipper" as they would use the term "idol-worshipper," dismissively implying a literal and simplistic lack of understanding.)

Hey, I like nature. I grew up in the country, playing in the woods and fields, climbing rock piles, digging in the dirt. We always had a garden (I still remember the green zinnias I planted in my own little plot as a kid). As an adult I am more of an "indoorsy" person--camping's uncomfortable, and fires on the beach don't provide a lot of warmth once the sun goes down--but I still love my rosebushes and am awestruck by the northern lights in winter.

But as far as location goes, nature is not the focus of my religion. And yes, I am deity-focused. But the place where my faith resides is my home.

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Date: 2014-04-16 05:12 pm (UTC)
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The problem with saying that "paganism is a nature-based religion" is that paganism isn't a religion at all! It's an umbrella term that covers a good many different religions and practices, only a handful of which are nature-based. Sweeping generalizations make my fangs itch. So you ROCK being a hearth witch and don't let anybody tell you how you should practice.
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