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I've just learned that Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea will be out on DVD next February.

Someone pointed out an article on Asklepios in Shaman's Drum to Dan (not a magazine we read) and it's actually a very good article overall.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I already know what I'm making--and the girls get two days off from school!

Five hours of Law and Order (SVU and CI) tonight, five hours of SVU tomorrow night, all of which I will tape to watch at my leisure.
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A long-overdue thank offering to Asklepios:

Hail Asklepios, granter of good health,
doctor with no peer, you grant us relief
from pain and hurt, from sickness and plague.
Son of Koronis and bright Apollo,
father of compassionate Hygeia,
your touch brings us ease, your words, wisdom.
In sleep we seek your aid and advice,
in dreams we gain healing and direction.
Asklepios, patron of physicians,
we honor you with prayers and libations,
we honor you as well with our bodies,
with our efforts to keep fit and healthy.
O Asklepios, greatest of healers,
friend of mankind, we praise and honor you.
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Kind Asklepios, healer whose touch brings relief
from sickness and pain, able son of Apollo.
Asklepios, provider of health, dearest of gifts;
destroyer of maladies deadly and trifling;
rebuilder of bodies, restorer of hope,
constant friend of humanity, I honor you.
Asklepios, whose skill passes all limits but one,
and that by will, not nature, I pray to you.
Asklepios, you have kept my family in good health,
you have answered my prayers swiftly and surely.
Of your power and your mercy I have no doubt;
in your favor and your good will I have all faith.
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I'm working on finishing editing the Asklepios thing today; Dan looked it over for me the other day--amazing how someone else can always catch things that you don't see yourself. I know I will finish it because I may not read Magic and the Norse Goddesses until I have. That makes me work :).
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Tonight we went to the furniture store and spent a buttload of money on a new mattress (mattresses, actually, it'll be two twins on a king frame). It's sorely-needed (and in Dan's case that "sorely" is quite literal) and should arrive in about a week, after which we can schedule a delivery. This means that I have my project for next week--getting our bedroom as close to ready as I can, considering that the old bed is in such bad shape that if we move it too much it will break and we won't be able to sleep on it. But I am glad to have gotten this done--we've been meaning to do it for the last few years. The girls are happy as well, because they now have the free Serta counting sheep that came with the mattresses. It was a big expense, but you hate to skimp on something that is such a big investment, something you'll be spending 1/4 to 1/3 of your time using, so I don't mind too much--the thing is likely to last us decades.

I started work on writing that piece on Asklepios this afternoon; wow, it has been a while! Well, I said I would do it, and I will to the best of my ability--as always, can't speak to the quality (I am so out of practice!).
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Votive offerings to Asklepios

Somehow I was envisioning something a little smaller :). Certainly gives me an interesting mental picture of what the god's temples must have looked like way back when!
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