Damn it!

Feb. 17th, 2006 05:30 pm
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So I have no idea when this happened, but I've just discovered that at some point Yahoogroups changed every single group I belong to to delivering email in html. I've got an old computer. I've got an old email client. A lot of email sent in html is pretty much invisible.

::returns to changing it back by hand, one at a time!::

EDIT: Okay, so apparently you can set this for all your groups at once. Fine. Still doesn't forgive them changing it on me. And of course I didn't discover this until after I was half done changing them one by one... :P


Dec. 7th, 2005 01:25 pm
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My whine for the day is that the earpiece is coming off of my glasses. It's not exactly broken, but there's this little metal rod that slides into a hold and generally stays there, and now it keeps sliding out. I can still wear them but I have to poke the thing back in every so often. Presumably this will require taping, although I'll have Dan look at it when he gets home to see if he can come up with a better fix. Till then I'll just be careful. I do need new glasses, but I'm not getting them until next year.
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Have you seen those commercials for some investment company, can't think of which one at the moment--they all have the same format, there's a scene (wedding, graduation, etc.) and some guy is making a tearful, heartfelt speech about how proud they are, how they always knew so-and-so would be a success, etc. Then it turns out that the guy isn't the father of the bride or graduate or whatever--he's their financial advisor. The actual parent is far less effusive. (The theory being, presumably, that this company's financial people have that strong of an interest in their clients' goals.)

But they're just so creepy! If I ever need a financial advisor, I'd never consider this company because the ads give me such a bad feeling.

Maybe I just need to stop watching commercials.
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It's so hot that I just swiped the extension cord for the lamp in the reading corner so that I could use it to position a fan right by the computer. Giving up reading for cool air, that's major. That's how hot it is.
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Why is it that everything goes wrong with cars all at the same time? :P


Dec. 13th, 2004 06:36 pm
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I am absolutely freezing. Why am I so cold? I haven't been outside all day, in fact I've been in the kitchen near the oven.
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Lots of snow, glad I don't have to drive in it.
I'm tired of being sick.
I wish we had a few more days of weekend :(.
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So the microwave has been (apparently) working just fine since I last mentioned this. Then, today, I put in some sausages to cook for our lunch--you know, sausages, non-metallic sausages! Almost immediately we got the sparking, and I rushed to turn the thing off. On the right side now there's a long black smudge, and it looks like the plastic coating has disappeared from a rectangular spot.

So presumably it was damaged and eventually normal use finished the job?

I guess we're in the market for a new microwave after all. Luckily a low-end model will suit our needs.


Oct. 18th, 2004 04:55 pm
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The snow is melting, the kids are arguing about who has which doll feet (frickin' Bratz dolls with disappearing feet!).

My computer has decided it doesn't need to access the internet today (using Dan's at the moment :)).

So, yeah, I'm late on everything net-related today!


Sep. 14th, 2004 05:09 pm
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New Lake Effect is ready to go, and the printer isn't working, and we won't have time to mess around with it before we need to leave for Coffee. Pfft. Guess it will have to be a little late.
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Okay, I have to say it--I do not understand these folks who decide to become heathen or pagan and the first thing they do is look for "a teacher." Seriously, maybe I'm weird, but my impulse would be to do my own research first! Wouldn't it make more sense to try to gain a broader base of information before handing oneself over to some random person? Why would someone think that this random person would be at all knowledgable, or even trustworthy, if they had no exposure to the faith in question ahead of time? How would they be able to tell?

I don't mean folks who ask for information or to be pointed to resources--or who do some work, realize that they've gotten as far as they can on their own, and ask for assistance in going further. That's reasonable. But that's not what you see--what you see is people who are looking for someone to hand them a pre-formed spirituality, whether because they don't want to do the work themselves or because they can't let go of the notion that there must be a single Truth out there--or, I suppose, because they are looking for the secrets of the universe or some such thing, and obviously anyone who happens to be hanging out on an email list would not only possess them but would jump at the chance to hand them out to anyone who asked. I'm not particularly offended by this--caveat emptor and all that--but I just hate to see so many people shutting off their brains before they've even tried to engage them.
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I've been working for something over a year (off and on) on a tunic for Dan for SCA. It's black linen, with hand-embroidered knotwork bands around the neck, the hem and the sleeves. I'm on the last sleeve know. The bands are made up of two knotwork lines, one red outlined in blue, the other gold outlined in dark red, filled with stem-stitch, I have absolutely no idea how much time I've put into it so far. I've almost finished with the first line on the last sleeve. I've got about 3 inches of embroidery to go. And I just noticed that I have filled the blue with gold! Eep!

Dan wants me to just keep going and fill the dark red with red, there's some contrast there but not as much as I'd like--and it would mean that the red and gold are reversed on that sleeve. On the other hand, that's probably 20-30 hours of stitching to rip out. On the other other hand, that 20-30 hours is only a fraction of the total, when you look at the project as a whole.

So, to rip or not to rip...I think I will just think on it overnight.

I still can't believe I didn't notice!
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In the mail today I received a package of quilt blocks from an exchange; they would have come sooner if the swap hostess hadn't been waiting for one person to send theirs--well, this one person decided last week that they couldn't do it after all and dropped out, so the blocks were sent missing one. Which is kind of annoying, and not only because now I have to figure out a new layout for the top! The blocks that did arrive are nice, though--they're all usable, and that's not always the case with an exchange.
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