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We got a letter from the school today saying that (as of June 29) the kindergarten classes are going to be held in the regular elementary school instead of the early childhood center, which is where they've been for years. This is actually a good thing, because it means that Dan can drop them both off in the morning easily. And younger daughter is thrilled to be attending school in the same building as her sister. (The elementary school also has a much better playground, which she did not fail to notice. :)) I'm just wondering how they are going to manage it--I've never noticed empty rooms there, where are they going to put the new classes? And in less than two months, yet!

I'm having Sims issues. :) Skins and so forth have been either crashing the system or else giving me headless people (elder daughter actually rather likes the headless people), so I need to sit down and figure out which I'm missing parts of. I'm pretty sure it's skins that are doing it, anyway. Luckily I had planned on spending a lot of time on the computer this weekend (Dan is out of town at a SCA event) anyway. Not too much time, though.

We got the Porter translation of Beowulf today; we have the Heaney, it will be interesting to compare the two.

I'm giving up pop again, I think--too much sugar, too much sodium. I've done it before, and it doesn't take too long until you don't really want it anymore.

2:30 A.M.

Jul. 7th, 2004 02:28 am
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The Sims is an evil, evil game.

That is all.
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I've been working on setting up Outlook Express; if nothing else, this is a good opportunity to rid myself of a lot of dead filters. I don't think I'll delete Eudora, though. For one thing, I'm still using it for my old email account (the one with all the SPAM!); for another, there are so many saved messages in it that I really don't want to get rid of. Geez, I'm even a packrat when it comes to virtual storage space...

UPS brought me a Cafepress order of heathen books: The Rites of Heathendom by Eric Wodening (actually this is our second copy of that one, the first had that awful fall-apart-if-you-breath-on-it spiral binding), and Bits of Heathenry, volumes 1 and 2. The latter seems to be mostly short pieces gleaned from internet sources--from looking at the tables of contents I can see that some of it I'll dig, and some of it I'll lift an eyebrow at, but that's all right :). However, since I'm in the middle of Gods of the North I won't be doing an indepth reading of the new books quite yet.

See, we have a philosophy about buying newly-pressed books on heathenry. That philosophy: "Buy them--QUICK!--before they go out of print!" Hehe.
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Actually it's not supposed to hit until almost noon tomorrow. As long as I don't have to drive in it I don't mind too much--there's something cozy and slightly smug about being in a warm house, looking out the window for the three feet you can actually see before there's nothing but white, listening to the wind shriek.

I'm up trying to change my email address wherever I've been using the old one up until now (like Livejournal, for example :)). I've had it for about ten years, I know I'll miss something or someone.
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It looks like we may have switched ISPs just in time, the old one seems to be falling to pieces. Their service has been iffy for quite a while, which is why we're changing--I figured we'd do it gradually over a few months but right now I'm wondering if they'll last that long! We can still get mail through their mail server, but we can't actually log in using any of their modems (not since Friday). When Dan called their tech support, the wait was hours long and he gave up before they answered--I'm wondering now if anyone was even there. Today, member web pages disappeared, and a few hours ago I discovered that their own web page isn't available. Very annoying but it'd be more than annoying if we hadn't already signed up for another service!
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I finally made the chicken soup today--wonderful stuff, homemade egg noodles, but every time I make them I remember just why I don't make them more often than I do. In addition, making them so rarely means that every time it's a revelation that egg noodles have not just eggs but EGGS!--more eggs than I'm strictly comfortable putting into anything that isn't brownies :).

But that's okay, I also made chocolate chip cookies. Only two eggs in chocolate chip cookies. Clearly the healthier option.

We watched the Barbarian stuff on the History Channel tonight. The part on the Vikings wasn't bad, but the part on the Goths didn't seem to have as much solid content as one would like. Plus I kept being distracted by the phenomenally bad hairpiece worn by one of the experts-in-the-field. I don't think I'm all that shallow but when it looks like you lacquered your hair to your head, it's an unfortunate thing. Then again, I was working on a quilt while I was watching and likely not paying close attention, so maybe I shouldn't criticize :).

The new ISP seems to be mostly an improvement. The connection speed is much better (we're actually getting 56 now) and not only is there someone there when you call tech support (I think I mentioned Dan's 2 1/2-hour wait with the old one before he gave up), they seem to know what they're talking about.

And I've got a little over a chapter left to read in Road to Hel. I'll want to read it again, it's been such a good read that I find myself reading instead of studying :).
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Among the projects I've had in the planning phase for too long :) is a webpage for our kindred. I suppose I keep stalling because I don't have a firm purpose for it; while we're not a closed group, our blots and so forth are invitation-only and we only invite folks we know or who are vouched for by someone we know. So it's not a "come one, come all" thing. But we're open to meeting new heathens--and there are so few heathens in our area that we want a contact point.

And then there's the spam issue. Sigh. Anyone know a good way to fool the address collectors? Hard to be a contact point if there's no contact email address on the website.
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We're trying out a new ISP. Dan has been having more problems with the old one than I have--it keeps telling him that his empty inbox is taking up most of his allotted disk space :P--but I haven't been very happy with it either. So last night, after he spent 2 1/2 hours on hold (yes, he's stubborn) with their tech support line and finally gave up (no, he's not that stubborn), I signed us up for a month with another one. I'm still in the process of switching mail lists and so forth over, and currently both addresses work. But--I was finally able to upload some new LJ icons! Yay! (Yes, the old ISP has a problem with letting me upload those little tiny LJ icon files!)

Before I went to bed last night, I had the brilliant idea of letting dinner cook in the crockpot all night so we could eat at noon or so. Checked it this morning--it had been coooking at low for about 9 hours at that point--man, slow cooking means SLOW, doesn't it? I turned it up to high, hopefully we'll have our corned beef and cabbage sometime this afternoon. I guess I don't use the thing often enough to understand it yet :).

Our winter has returned. Winds have been fierce, and it's been snowing again, a little bit. A good day to stay indoors.
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Elder daughter has pretty well appropriated the Sims game :); that's all right, she's enjoying herself.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor, going to find out if I keep taking the beta blockers or not (and I'm dreading having blood pressure taken--I can't stand having that done, I'd rather be stuck with ten needles than have that blood pressure cuff put on me once!--this of course does not bode well for good blood pressure figures, lol!); not sure what to hope for, really.

And I think I know what all I'm making for New Year's, or rather I know what I'm going to go buy ingredients to make--whether it all gets made depends on how much time I end up with (I'd forgotten about Pagan Coffee Night tomorrow, so I don't have that time to work with--but I think I can probably get it all done regardless, just won't be quite such a leisurely schedule of cooking :)).

I'm tired. Slept late today and am still tired. Life is dull after the last month's flurry of activity, maybe that's got something to do with it :).
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My isp is having fits again. Emails sent to me have been bouncing, mail lists arriving days late and out of order, and very likely some mail lost entirely (I haven't answered any ADF office mail in a week because I haven't received any). So if you've tried to email me, and I haven't written back, I may not have gotten it yet, or I may never get it at all. Supposedly my isp is doing an upgrade over the next few months; in the mean time I'm looking into other local options. Not that my isp is local anymore--two buyouts ago it was, now I have no idea where they're located in the physical world.


On the plus side, the spam is down as well :).
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Okay, I spoke too soon on the java chat interface for ADF chat. It doesn't work. I've never been pinged so much in my life.

That leaves me with the problem of being able to make it to the chats at all until the magical computer elves come to give me back full net access!
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Damn phone company. Remember we had a cable cut last week? Led to email problems? I found out yesterday that at least one important message I had been sent, I had never received--it was just lucky that I wrote the person back (figuring that my message might not have reached them). No, it had, and they recent the message they'd sent back.

Well, I know there's no such thing as a foolproof form of communication. Maybe I should start making use of those annoying-as-hell automatic "let me know if you got this" things. Sigh.

But mainly I'm worried now about what else I might have missed. Most of the email I receive is trivial, but some of it isn't.


Oct. 23rd, 2003 09:50 am
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So, Tuesday morning the phone company was out in the road, laying down some new cable. Great, we think, maybe our connection speeds will improve! Just not right away because the cut the cable and we have been without phone until today. They did that last time they came through a few years ago. Do they even look at those little orange flags?

Anyway, I've been offline and probably bouncing email left and right, so if anyone has tried to email me and it's been returned, that's why. Grrr.

Spam hell

Aug. 21st, 2003 04:24 pm
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As if regular old spam trying to get me to enlarge body parts I don't have isn't bad enough... What it looks like is that someone else has been sending out spam using my email address, so that I get the bounced messages (and presumably the complaints although I haven't seen any of those yet). I've been getting over a hundred of these a day--and they all have an attachment! Grrrrrrrrr!

Seriously, is there anything I can do about this? I'm guessing not.

I suppose it might be a virus on someone else's computer? (I use a Mac for email so I don't think it's one on mine.) Should I tell my isp? I'm assuming they can't do anything about it either.
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Just waiting for our isp to get email working again...

I'm looking for ways to cut back on some time-consuming things, since I plan to be busier come fall. I'm hoping to spend a fair amount of time studying, and I'm going to home-preschool my 4-year-old (she'll be going to public school for kindergarten but that's not for another year), which could be fun or could be not, depending on how well I plan :).

So I've decided to quit the office of Chronicler (person who does the newsletter) for our local SCA group. I'm only barely, marginally involved in the group anyway. True, it doesn't take up a great deal of time but every little bit helps. I might possibly have someone interested in taking on the office, but even if that doesn't work out, I'm not going to be doing it. At some point in the last ten years or so, I'm not sure when, I developed the ability to say "No." It's been useful. :)
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Okay, I am happier with my isp again. They are apparently now forwarding email sent to my old address (the one they changed on me a few weeks ago? and said they couldn't do forwarding? so I've been having to find all the places my old address is and change it? and I've been on the net for long enough that I have no idea where all these places might be? :)) so that I get it at my new address.

I discovered this when I noticed that I had a lot more spam in my inbox today than I'd been getting just recently.

Well, it solves more problems than it creates, so I'm happy :).
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I found out why I haven't been getting any email. My isp pulled a fast one and changed my email address! Just one element but nothing sent to it will reach me. No, they can't forward. We asked. Geez!

So I'm in the process of letting everyone who and everywhere that has the old address know that it has changed, and hoping I don't forget anyone, although I'm sure I will. Then I have to change it on web pages and so forth. This is annoying as hell.
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Still no email, grrrrr! I was supposed to call my isp if it wasn't up and running within 24 hours of the last time I called (yesterday evening), you'd better believe I'm calling!

I started reading Egil's Saga the other night (when I was at the laundromat, where I went to try to destress--yes, seriously!--after doing laundry I went to the lake, waded in and found a rock--just seemed like the thing to do, the rock is on my nightstand where I can see it--and of course stayed to look at the lake for a while, it's nice to live a few miles from a lake :)); I meant to keep up with it but I haven't picked it up since. It's a good read, too.

A few months ago Dan and I were going through some of the lore, he'd read out loud while I worked on whatever sewing project I had going; we got through Beowulf, and started on the Saga of the Volsungs, but never got through it. It might be nice to start that again.
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I could kick my ISP; email problems for most of the past 5 days, I apparently lost a bunch of email and will have to try to find out if any of it was important, and now nothing is coming in at all. But the web still works :).

I managed to mess up a number of the second set of oracle stones (apparently this has not been a good day for crafty activities), and am off to find more Fimo at the one store here that carries a very small selection.
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