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Bought a new wall lamp today to replace the one that shorted out and blew a circuit yesterday. (Dan is looking into fixing the old one to put up elsewhere,)

Bought a new set of casseroles today, replacing in particular the 2 1/2-qt. one I broke last week by dropping a wine bottle on it, and replacing as well the 2-qt. one that broke last year (cause unknown).

Bought a new fan to put by the computer, or wherever needed.

Bought myself a new wind-up alarm clock to replace the ancient one that finally broke this week.

Bought summer hats for the girls, and new sandals for elder daughter (Birkenstock knock-offs but look decent).
I also shopped online today for tank tops for them (3/$12 at Old Navy, and these are cute). All replacements for outgrown or destroyed items.

Did laundry at the expensive laundromat because of where it's located. I'm not sure whether I really spent more money, because it saved me a trip to the other laundromat.

Somehow I feel like a spending spree should be more decadent...
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I've just finished ordering a home blood pressure monitor--Dan suggested that as long as I was doing that, we should see about getting a otoscope as well, so we did.

Earlier we went to look at mattresses (we need a new bed), we were thinking of getting the slightly pricier option of two twins to replace the king-sized mattress upstairs ( the bed went up there before the bookcases were built in--it will have to be cut up and tossed out a window because it's not getting out the same way!). Realized we would actually have to get two long twins, which are even pricier. So we came back home--going to to some more measuring--see if there's any possible way to get a king mattress up there that we haven't thought of--or even a queen (downgrading in size, which is not great, but we could afford a better-quality mattress that way and have a bit more room in the room, so it's something we are considering). Maybe we can figure out something by next week.

You know, I don't even particularly like shopping.
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On the way to the gym today I stopped and picked up a small CD player with earphones; I've been meaning to for a while, just hadn't gotten around to it yet. What a difference! Twenty minutes walking briskly on the treadmill was like nothing--I mean, in terms of how long I could tolerate the tedium (I'm sorry, walking is good exercise but it is just intolerably boring!), certainly it was still a decent workout :). So I'm actually quite pleased, this bodes well for my being able to get back into some semblance of shape. :)
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A box of fireplace matches. A box of boxes, actually. Now I can do my devotions without burning my fingertips--without having to keep an eye on the match, how close is the flame, can I get another candle lit before it burns me.. I can even add more candles now if I like. Yay!

(Sometimes I am so easy to make happy that it's almost pathetic, LOL!)
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Okay, this definitely confirms my geekdom, but I am just getting a huge kick out of looking on top of my monitor and seeing the Legion of Superheroes up there! I was a big comic book fan as a kid. In general I was a Marvel fan, but always had a fondness for that one DC book, the Legion of Superheroes. Maybe because they were supposed to be teenagers, maybe because of the very odd superpowers they came up with (Matter-Eater Lad?), maybe because there were so damn many of them.

These are tiny little figures, maybe 3 1/2" high, but the cool thing is that they are the originals--the ones I used to read about as a kid in the early to mid 70s. Phantom Girl with the great big letter "P" on the front of her costume--not even a stylized letter P, like Superman's S--this is just a plain old letter P. What were they thinking? The faces are flat with the features drawn on, so that they really do look a lot like the comic books images. I hope they continue making this series.
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I went back to the gym today, after a lapse of some months. It was easy to remember the routine; I hope it's as easy to fall back into the habit of going! But I did the weight machines at the same settings I'd used the last time I was there. I'm guessing that that may have been a bad idea. If so, it will surely be revealed to me in the next couple of days (as in "ow"), but at the moment I'm fine. I really did enjoy the gym when I went, I'm kind of looking forward to it now.

Pagan Coffee Night tonight, fun but cold (it is always cold there, at some times it bothers me more than at others), and me not all that sociable. That's okay, I knew everyone there, they talked enough that my quietness didn't matter :). We talked a bit about the upcoming Yule; it looks now like 12 for sure, and possibly up to 7 more--guess I'd better clear a lot of floor space, although I'm sure not everyone will want to stay the whole night. And make more food. (Thinks of recipes. Not hungry right now, can't think of food. Will do so later.)

Afterward we had to go to Wal-Mart, various necessities, and I found Hawkgirl! (Justice League action figure), which I didn't expect so I'm pretty happy about that. (I'm easily pleased, aren't I? :)) She looks cool (although her mace is pretty puny-looking) but she's a lousy toy, barely articulated. The girls will undoubtedly kidnap her soon enough along with the rest of the League, until then she can stand unsteadily next to my monitor.
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I'm waiting for the snow. The trees have barely started to turn, and here we are expecting snow. It's okay--it won't stay on the ground this early in the season, and it probably won't even make for hazardous driving conditions--but the first snow of size is important.

And we are set for winter. I have a new winter coat (black leather drover's coat, very cool!), elder daughter has a new coat, younger daughter inherits elder daughter's coat of a few years ago, and they both have new boots. Younger daughter's are Hello Kitty boots that light up, apparently this is beyond wonderful.

At the shoe store last week, we were checking out, two pairs of winter boots, the cashier says they have a "buy two, get one free" thing going. We were in a hurry and didn't need more shoes, so I sent elder daughter to get something she liked. She came back with what had to have been the most gloriously tacky shoes in the entire store! They are clogs, blue with purple glitter, bright pink soles and lining, and chains along the edge with three nifty Hello Kitty charms attached. Shoes that only a nine-year-old could love. I got them, just because, well, how often will I be able to get her something that outrageously perfect?
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Dan took both girls to the SCA event (it's fairly close), so I've had a day to myself. And where did I go? Wal-Mart, where else? Art supplies for the girls :) and an Alice in Chains CD for me because I'm tired of waiting to hear "Heaven Beside You" on the radio, now I can play it until I'm sick of it. Then I ate at KFC (no one else is particularly fond of it, it's my own guilty pleasure), came home, ate ice cream out of the container (Edy's, some chocolate-peanut butter thing--again, no one likes it but me :)). Man, almost a whole free day and I do nothing useful!
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