Jul. 24th, 2005 09:12 pm
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I spent the afternoon working on horn carving, the "practice horn" I had already written "Odin - Thor - Frey" in runes on. Today I carved out a norse-ified boar picture, and while it's not art it's so much better than I expected that I'm absolutely thrilled.

Now to figure out what to use to paint it so that the carved areas show up.


Jul. 11th, 2005 03:25 pm
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On a positive note, we came back with a flexi-shaft for the dremel, so hopefully from now on I can carve horns withoug taking gouges out of my hand when I drop the heavy thing!
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So obviously I need to practice this, but late last night I got out the dremel and set to work on one of our drinking horns (one with a crack but fairly thick). Wow, that's fun! I just wrote "Odin Thor Frey" in runes, but it looks pretty cool. Rustic but cool :).
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Well, I've gotten a start. Not only have I gotten a start, I (think that I) understand what I am doing. Cut the yarn, threaded the cards...and, and, AND! I warped the loom. That was the part I didn't think I'd get. The directions suck. But Dan did it a month or so ago and he had some suggestions for interpreting them.

Of course it does not look like anything yet. And it's going to look even less like anything, because I made the mistake of choosing a pattern where you only turn the cards in one direction, which apparently does not work if you're on a loom. But that's okay. I'll figure out how many turns back and forward I'll have to do so that it looks reasonable and then do that.

Mainly I want to work on getting tension right with the weft, whacking it with the beater, and all that.

Yarn is fun!

More mask

Nov. 24th, 2004 01:17 am
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Okay, latest report on the papier mache experiment--my thought is that this stuff is great for wearables, possibly not so great for display pieces. (Although I made a thicker version and we'll see whether that one is firmer.) I'm also thinking that the girls' papier mache masks might not be ready to paint tomorrow.

However, the one I made from "Carve and Cast" might be ready to smooth with the dremel, assuming it finishes drying now that it's off the mold. Hope so, anyway. I have lots of fake grape leaves (and grapes) and am ready to play!
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Dan put up my altar to Dionysos today--it's still empty, but looks good anyway. I'm so pleased to have it up!

I've been planning to make a mask to use as an image, papier mache and paint and so forth. At least, that's the plan. I'm not sure I have the skill to do a good job, never having made one before, but I'm looking forward to giving it a shot.

We do, actually, have a mask that I could use. Dan reminded me of it today. We got it a few years back when we went to Convocation, and it certainly has a Dionysian look to it. But I'm not sure if I want to use it or not.

In any case, I'm going to try to do my own.
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... because I've been sick all day, and am hoping it's not an oncoming flu :P. I suppose it could be something I ate. (We do have all that Halloween candy around... :))

I finished the girls' costumes yesterday and they look good, no thanks to my sewing skills, they just chose marvelous fabrics!

And today I've been working on a logo-of-sorts for Lake Effect.


Oct. 10th, 2004 06:48 pm
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We're finally getting some fall color; it's a bit muted compared to some years, but still lovely.

I went to JoAnn's today to get things to make a small wall altar for Dionysos, a premade shelf, paints, brushes. Just something simple. (No room for much more than that. :)) Not sure I'm in a creative kind of mood at the moment, but that's all right, now that I have the stuff I can make it whenever I like. Painting isn't one of my major skills.

But first I need to go bake something for the girls' lunches this week.

Damn, I am just so scintillating today... :)
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I have had no cause to decide otherwise on the point that the best yarn in the world is Berrocco (sp?) Cotton Twist Colors. It is still awesome stuff. I'm using a blend of colors called "Lingonberry" to make a cloth for the heathen altar, gorgeous mauve-to-deep-blue.

Still can't knit anything but rectangles, but that's cool too.
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...when I spend time doing hand needlework, I'm back to knitting altar cloths.

Have I mentioned that Berroco Cotton Twist Colors is the best yarn in the world, and that I want it in all available colors? (Happy sigh. :))
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Cool thing: Aha! I have finished that tunic I started working on for Dan, about...um...two years ago. Hehe. In my defense I must say that it is relatively heavily hand-embroidered, and that two years ain't nothing compared to some projects I haven't yet finished...but still...two years is longer than it should have taken. But I have finished it now, and that's cool.

Uncool thing: I have just visited the Ben and Jerry's site and discovered that their Chocolate Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt is listed in the "Flavor Graveyard." Damn, but that would have made lowering my cholesterol a lot more fun! :)
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In other words, a happy mail day!

My back-order of Berroco Cotton Twist arrived, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pink/palepink/sagegreen shiny cotton yarn, yum! Yarn lust, indeed, this stuff is exquisite.

And the big fun, I ordered from Runa-Raven last week, and thus impressed with the service because it arrived today:

* The new edition of Thorsson's Book of Troth--we have a copy of the old one so I am looking forward to comparing--the author name is listed as simply "Edred," which is interesting if odd (joining him with the ranks of Cher and Madonna) and makes me wonder why he dropped the "Thorsson." My guess as to why would probably be wrong.

* The Nine Doors of Midgard, because everyone says you should read it and now I can. Sometime. Considering that I find even his more basic rune works somewhat thick, this one will be slow going when I get to it.

* And Alice Karlsdottir's Magic of the Norse Goddesses, which looks interesting and will be going to the top of my to-read stack now; it seems to feature those goddesses who don't happen to be Freyja (there are chapters on all of or at least most of Frigga's women). Since Frigga is a goddess I have not approached often (everyone says that she loves a clean house, and I think that has scared me off because mine is generally pretty cluttered--only half-kidding there, btw!) it should be an interesting read, I think.


Jun. 10th, 2004 04:32 pm
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The skein of green silk I'd ordered arrived, and I can finally finish making the cloth for Aphrodite's altar.

And then I can get back to working on the blue-and-green cotton cloth for the heathen altar. It's a good color, a nice yarn--three ply, one ply each of blue, light blue and green, looks very sea-like. Slow going because I'm using #4 needles (the green silk seems now to be flying by on the #8s I'm using!) but worth it.

I'd also ordered some bulky Icelandic wool for Dan to use in naalbinding. It's lovely stuff, wonderful colors, lovely texture, but he thinks it may have too soft a twist to use for naalbinding (with naalbinding you don't work from the skein, you use shorter pieces of yarn and join them as needed because each stitch takes the whole of the yarn through the loop--I haven't done it myself but I've watched him). I hope he's wrong on that, I'd love to see it made up into something.
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Elder daughter has gone to visit a friend from school, and younger daughter and Dan are heading down to Wal-Mart, so I've got the music on too loud :).

I finished a skein of yarn last night, got ready to attach the next one and discovered that I had not purchased four, I had purchased three, and I needed four. Grrr. So last night I started another project (using #4 needles, the smallest I have tried personally, and I'm impressed with how little trouble I had adjusting :)). And today I went online to order another skein of the green silk tweed I need to finish the other thing; on the front page of the store site I saw that they had heavy Icelandic wool, which would be great for Dan to use for naalbinding, so we are getting some of that as well. It looks like good stuff, although you have to figure that the colors are always going to be a bit off from what you see online.

I did not, BTW, have any luck finding Lady with a Mead Cup. I'll keep looking, but I think it'll be a while before I manage to locate one, and I suppose I might never find an affordable one. It's kind of disappointing because there really aren't that many good (or even potentially good) books on heathen subjects. (Unlike books on Hellenic religion, which I am constantly finding to add to my Gotta Have It list!)
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Feeling horrible and getting nothing done.

I did, however, teach myself to weave beads on a loom today, which is kind of cool.


Mar. 19th, 2004 11:07 pm
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I've made a chocolate cheesecake, prepared two pans of stuffed shells to bake tomorrow, and have absolutely no memory of hurting my ankle but apparently I did. I guess that's as ready as I'm getting tonight :).

I finished knitting the cloth for Aphrodite's altar a few days ago and can't decide what to start on next; I've got yarn for a few possibilities but I'm not sure which I want to spend the next few weeks on. I'm about six inches into one for our heathen altar (but it's brown, and while it will look nice when it's done I can't stand looking at it while I'm working on it for too long :)). Also I have retained the quilters' tendency to have more than one project in the works at all times. I really should make one for my general Hellenic altar, but it needs to be about twice the size of the others I've made, which is holding me back a bit. Anyway, simple is good. I'm fond of seed stitch but I'm looking into some other small and subtle patterns. I'll see what looks good to me on Sunday (the next time I'll have time to sit and think).


Mar. 4th, 2004 12:06 am
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I finished the green altar cloth for our heathen altar today, of course I immediately had to go put it on, rearrange a bit, dust of course. It looks much better. Inspires me to start another one, soon :).


Jan. 12th, 2004 12:06 am
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This evening I decided to go into my fabric cabinet (a challenge, there are two large object stored in front of it at the moment :() and get several stacks of quilt blocks I've not yet gotten around to assembling into tops. (Tops take up less storage space than piles of loose blocks, plus you don't lose the blocks once they're in the top, so every so often I like to convert blocks to tops--although I'm not sure why I did it tonight, winter is for hand quilting, warmer weather is for piecing.) So, I got out 20 blue and yellow star blocks, 49 black and white blocks from an exchange, 52 rose and green blocks from another exchange, 64 hand-pieced Dresden plate blocks that have been there for over ten years, and nine hand-qppliqued red and green rose sampler blocks. And I looked at them, and I guess I'll put them away tomorrow because I'm not about to assemble them until I find the fabrics I got to sash and border the 52 rose and green blocks, and those are somewhere deep in the fabric cabinet, probably on the side I can't open at the moment!

It's okay, maybe I just wanted to look at them :). One of these years I'll actually sort out the fabric cabinet.
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While at Wal-Mart (I know, I know) last night, I picked up a bin to store yarn; today I went out on the back porch where I was pretty sure I had put some yarn I'd purchased many years ago (like before I was married!), got it for some project and never made it. (Unfortunately not a thing I am unknown for. :))

Imagine my surprise to find not only several skeins of soft fuzzy yarn in magenta, bright blue and black, but a small partially-completed piece and a large piece in the same pattern. The latter is finished except for weaving in the ends. Well, I'm sure it isn't actually finished, given that I found another partial piece and given that it's a very odd size--too long for a shawl, too narrow for an afghan--but since I don't have the pattern any more I guess it's what I've got. It's very pretty, and surprisingly undamaged although some of it was gaily festooned with bits of sunflower seed--however, apparently mice don't eat acrylic or nest in it (can you blame them?) because it seems fine otherwise.

I'm not sure what to do with it. It would make a nice altar cloth for a very long altar. I wish I had a very long altar but I don't. However, it's also a lot more complicated work than I had any idea I would have been capable of at any point in my short and distant knitting career (I vaguely remember being able to purl but that's about it--so this is a nice surprise). So, barring being able to find the pattern (unlikely since I'm sure it was in one of those thin booklets you get at the yarn store), I guess I've got more yarn and a lovely but unusable piece. (Thinks of knitting altar cloths, hmmm.)
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I've been working for something over a year (off and on) on a tunic for Dan for SCA. It's black linen, with hand-embroidered knotwork bands around the neck, the hem and the sleeves. I'm on the last sleeve know. The bands are made up of two knotwork lines, one red outlined in blue, the other gold outlined in dark red, filled with stem-stitch, I have absolutely no idea how much time I've put into it so far. I've almost finished with the first line on the last sleeve. I've got about 3 inches of embroidery to go. And I just noticed that I have filled the blue with gold! Eep!

Dan wants me to just keep going and fill the dark red with red, there's some contrast there but not as much as I'd like--and it would mean that the red and gold are reversed on that sleeve. On the other hand, that's probably 20-30 hours of stitching to rip out. On the other other hand, that 20-30 hours is only a fraction of the total, when you look at the project as a whole.

So, to rip or not to rip...I think I will just think on it overnight.

I still can't believe I didn't notice!
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