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Saturday was Midsummer, which we had at a local park--it's a nice site, we held blot in a pavilion overlooking Lake Superior :). It was nice although we had fewer people than we usually have (since several kindred members have moved recently--we hope to see them all in August though ([livejournal.com profile] asmodean1979 I'm talking to you! :)). Afterwards the usual eating and kubb-playing and little girls trying to get grown-ups to take them down to the beach. Dan took me home early because I wasn't feeling well (had my period) but I was there for most of it and had a good time.

And Sunday was the Season 2 premiere of The Venture Brothers so we had people over, watched some of the Season 1 eps on DVD and then watched the premiere when it came on. I had been a little worried that Season 2 wouldn't capture the same qualities as Season 1 (it's been a long time coming) but no worries there, it was excellent!

Now I just want to read comic books :).
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May 30, Venture Brothers Season DVD is coming out, I've just put in a pre-order!

It might even arrive by the time we're back from Trothmoot! (I wouldn't have time to watch it beforehand anyway.)
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I put more quilt pics up here, but I don't think I'm going to get them all up tonight--slooooooow dial-up, bleh!

It's been a good excuse to get out all my quilts and look at them!

While doing this, I was watching some thing on the National Geographic Channel (I think) about people rebuilding Stonehenge out of lightweight materials. They had a bit where some British Druids did a ritual there. Of course they didn't show the whole thing, but they did show the part where they called to the directions/elements, and the part where they said "So mote it be." I'm not that familiar with British Druidry--is that usual? Or is it just that group?


Dec. 8th, 2005 11:22 pm
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December 9 Yule quilt progress: 37/64.

You know, I just haven't had much to say lately.

I got to see my favorite Monty Python skit tonight, the one about The Llama :).
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L&O marathon, whee!

Dan home early from work, yay!

And as of last night (Thursday, November 24) I've quilted 10/64 blocks of my Yule quilt. Not bad for less than a week!
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I've just learned that Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea will be out on DVD next February.

Someone pointed out an article on Asklepios in Shaman's Drum to Dan (not a magazine we read) and it's actually a very good article overall.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I already know what I'm making--and the girls get two days off from school!

Five hours of Law and Order (SVU and CI) tonight, five hours of SVU tomorrow night, all of which I will tape to watch at my leisure.
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Am up with a couh watching television. Shows about tsunamis and hurricanes, I guess it's heavy weather night on the science-type channels.

Going to do some quilting. I've been, I don't know, sort of off quilting for the last few years--it's good to be back into it, it's easily the fiber art I have taken the most pleasure from practicing, and the one I'm always most pleased with the final results of. My current project (begun a few years ago, and has already got a few spots from being stored poorly) will take some time, since I'm only not-quite-half done with the border and it's a really nice one, feathers and cables mixed together.
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Have you seen those commercials for some investment company, can't think of which one at the moment--they all have the same format, there's a scene (wedding, graduation, etc.) and some guy is making a tearful, heartfelt speech about how proud they are, how they always knew so-and-so would be a success, etc. Then it turns out that the guy isn't the father of the bride or graduate or whatever--he's their financial advisor. The actual parent is far less effusive. (The theory being, presumably, that this company's financial people have that strong of an interest in their clients' goals.)

But they're just so creepy! If I ever need a financial advisor, I'd never consider this company because the ads give me such a bad feeling.

Maybe I just need to stop watching commercials.
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Tonight I got to see two Poirot movies on A&E. That's four hours of Suchet's Poirot. Yeah, I'm a sucker for mysteries, old ones or British ones. It's a happy thing :).

Finished my first read of Kerenyi's Dionysos this weekend. I say "first read" because it's going to take at least a few more to get through the layers, Kerenyi is like that. Learned quite a bit I didn't know.

We're trying to reschedule Winter Finding due to folks' different schedules, looks like it's going to be in mid-October, so we'll probably shift Winternights into November. A little late but that's not really a problem, I know I don't personally feel tied to traditional dates, and we've never held either on what might have been more traditional anyway. To some extent we have kind of continued to adhere to the usual neopagan year as far as spacing of festivals. Well, Yule goes when Yule goes. Midsummer is at Midsummer. The rest is trying to have them not too close, not too far apart.
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Dan and I just watched the first half of "Champagne for One," one of my favorite Nero Wolfe eps :), tonight. I had forgotten just how great that show was. Visually it's wonderful, the use of music is marvelous, the ensemble cast is great--and the scripts are straight out of the books! *sighs*
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I finally made the chicken soup today--wonderful stuff, homemade egg noodles, but every time I make them I remember just why I don't make them more often than I do. In addition, making them so rarely means that every time it's a revelation that egg noodles have not just eggs but EGGS!--more eggs than I'm strictly comfortable putting into anything that isn't brownies :).

But that's okay, I also made chocolate chip cookies. Only two eggs in chocolate chip cookies. Clearly the healthier option.

We watched the Barbarian stuff on the History Channel tonight. The part on the Vikings wasn't bad, but the part on the Goths didn't seem to have as much solid content as one would like. Plus I kept being distracted by the phenomenally bad hairpiece worn by one of the experts-in-the-field. I don't think I'm all that shallow but when it looks like you lacquered your hair to your head, it's an unfortunate thing. Then again, I was working on a quilt while I was watching and likely not paying close attention, so maybe I shouldn't criticize :).

The new ISP seems to be mostly an improvement. The connection speed is much better (we're actually getting 56 now) and not only is there someone there when you call tech support (I think I mentioned Dan's 2 1/2-hour wait with the old one before he gave up), they seem to know what they're talking about.

And I've got a little over a chapter left to read in Road to Hel. I'll want to read it again, it's been such a good read that I find myself reading instead of studying :).
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