Aug. 24th, 2011 05:33 pm
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Mighty Frigga, home of the heart, heart of the home,
lady of shining Fensalir, holder of hard truths,
you know the world and how it works, you know its folk,
you call us to do what we can, to do what we should.
Like a wise gardener, you know best the way to tend
each single seed. Like a good mother, you know best
the way to nurse each child, to kindle in their hearts
the fire of ambition, to teach them to dream
and to strive, to hold their hand, to nourish their soul.
Frigga, goddess of community, you grant to us
purpose, you grant to us hope, you guide us as we
find our way in the cold world. Goddess of common sense,
in reason and in judgment we see your hand; in wit
and in insight we know your wisdom; in foresight
and in feeling we hear your voice. Hail to Frigga!
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Hail to Frigga, careful one, sharp-eyed one,
friend of mothers, protector of children,
all-knowing goddess, all-watchful goddess.
You know the love of parent for child,
you know it is unshakeable, goddess,
you know it is everlasting. Frigga,
you know the joy of watching a child grow
into a fine man or woman, you know
the bittersweet pain of parting, you know
what is in a mother's soul. Frigga,
grant me a firm hand and a soft heart,
grant me understanding, grant me clarity,
grant me peace of mind in troubled times,
grant me the strength to bend with the storm
and emerge unbroken. Frigga, goddess,
grant my children the wisdom to choose wisely,
grant them the strength to stand firm against folly,
grant them the will to face any challenge,
grant them the wit to find their way in life.
Beloved Frigga, defender of families,
keep my children safe from harm, goddess,
ward them as they travel through the world.
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Tomorrow we've got the Frigga study, which I'm looking forward to. Frigga is probably the deity I find most problematic to deal with personally (I guess it's inevitable that when you've got a pantheon, there'll be one that's harder to relate to), which I know means that I ought to focus on her more, not less. :)

Tonight I'm working on a quilt, and having myself a little 1930s Mummy marathon, starting with the 1932 Boris Karloff version.

To Frigga

Sep. 29th, 2006 01:09 pm
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Hail to Frigga, hail the queen of Asgard!
Noble lady of bright Valhalla,
trusted companion of crafty Odin,
mistress of watery Fensalir,
guide of trusty, clever maidens--
Fulla and Gefjon, Saga and Eir,
Sjofn, Lofn, Vor and Var, Syn and Hlin,
Snotra and Gna, all brave and skillful maids.
Frigga, shrewd one who sees much, who knows much,
ever thinking, ever careful, acting
cautiously but swiftly, planning, dealing,
persuading, designing, doing all
possible to achieve your end. Frigga,
unsurpassed in wisdom, in insight,
in perception, in cunning and in judgment,
practical goddess who sees all options,
all opportunities, all divergent paths,
all fibers of Wyrd's sturdy fabric,
we call on you, goddess, for constancy,
for stability and certainty,
for order created and maintained,
as much as we may know in this world.
Hail Frigga! Hail the holder of harmony!
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I made a chocolate cheesecake last night, and I've just finished printing out the "Frigga Fact Sheets" for tonight's study, so I am pretty much set now.

Edit: Okay, that sucks. I've just noticed that I totally left out (because I'm also covering Frigga's maidens) the bit about Gefjon and Zealand and the plow thing... Well, I'm not reprinting, I'll just make sure to mention it.
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Because all thoughts of gardening come into existence when there's no danger of having to do any actual work, I'm thinking that I might try to plant a small plot of flax next summer, to spin. It's a Frigga thing. I guess I should find out first if it will grow here.

To Frigga

Sep. 11th, 2004 04:17 pm
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Hail to Frigga, wise and knowing wife of Odin,
sorrowful mother of bright Baldr whose end
all your loving work and wisdom could not forestall.
Keeper and guardian of home and family,
we pray to you when we wed, when we birth our babies;
we call on you to bless our households, our children.
Maker of order, with a clean house and a warm meal,
with a full horn offered to each welcomed guest,
we honor you. Frigga, who knows and understands
all but keeps silent, who holds the keys of Asgard,
who is a constant friend of women, of mothers,
for refuge and support we call to you. Hail Frigga!

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