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The rest of the Booksurge books arrived:

Germanic Magic : A Basic Primer on Galdor, Runes, and Spá by Swain Wodening
Mímir's Well : Traditional and Modern Practices of Dinivation Volume One by Noil Skeggold
Völuspá - Seiðr as Wyrd Consciousness by Yngona Desmond

I've just flipped through them and am looking forward to reading them...um, in the future sometime. :)

I've also gotten the demo of Avernum IV for my computer and have ordered the game, so yay, and I must remember to watch myself there because the games just suck up time, don't they?
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The One-Eyed God: Odin and the (Indo-) Germanic Mannerbunde arrived today (thank you to [livejournal.com profile] wodandis for the recommendation). It looks good, of course you can never tell about academic texts until you've read them through (which I don't have time to do right now, finishing packing for Trothmoot and all) but it does look interesting. A good-sized chunk of Dumezil in the reference section but there'd have to be with that title :).

I'm glad I got it instead of putting it off; these sorts of things tend to go out of print and disappear, only to be found for hundreds of dollars on Bookfinder if you're lucky, so buying it now saves me money down the road :).
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Our hardcover Our Troth came from Booksurge today, I haven't had a chance to look at it carefully but it is definitely in much better condition than the last one. :)

My question is: why is it that it arrived before the three paperback books we ordered from Booksurge several weeks before we ordered it? Don't hardcovers take longer to do for most print-on-demand concerns?
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Our copy of the new Our Troth (Volume One: History and Lore) arrived today! I've just glanced through it and it looks like the changes made have been considerable (lots that wasn't in the online version). I'm looking forward to it.

I did order the hardcover version, and while the quality of the physical book is not staggeringly impressive, it's also not too bad (of course my expectations may have been raised by the phenomenally nice Chisolm Edda that came out earlier this year! :)).
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I've just ordered our copy of the new edition of Our Troth, getting the hardcover edition :).
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My pre-ordered hardcover copy of the Chisolm Edda arrived today and it is so cool!

This is a modern translation of the Elder Edda by a heathen. It's a good translation, at least so far as I can tell with my virtually-nonexistent knowledge of old Norse; the really way-cool thing about it is that the original text is presented on facing pages with the translation. It seems to be a translation with a minimum of personal interpretation; the author's bias is mainly apparent in the commentary. (Note that I have no problem with author/translator bias, it's inevitable and perfectly accepable. Just noting it, and the fact that the actual translation is fairly even, which is very nice. :))

And the physical book is of excellent quality, it's big and thick and you could kill a mouse with it.

Also it's signed. How cool is that?


Jun. 11th, 2005 06:24 pm
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The Troth Blot Book arrived in the mail today, whee! I'm looking forward to sitting down with it. Hm. Actually, I'm betting I'll be using it as an occasional reference. But very cool regardless.
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Beowulf and its Analogues, translated by G.N. Garmonsway and Jacqueline Simpson, including "Archaeolgy and Beowulf" by Hilda Ellis Davidson (E.P Dutton: New York, 1968).

This is a very cool book. and just glancing through it has given me some "ooh, really?" moments as well as a few raised eyebrows. Probably I will sit down and read it eventually, although not right now. The reason I got it was a short section including various mentions (all gathered together in that section) of the Brisingamen story, including most of the bit from Sorlathattr.
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Just ordered When the Norns Have Spoken: Time and Fate in Germanic Paganism by Anthony Winterbourne. Should be here next week. Cannot wait to compare with Bauschatz... :D
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You know, Cafepress is doing an undoubtedly profitable but also really useful thing by providing a limited book publishing service. It's so cool that people can now self-publish books with a probably-limited audience. The on-demand services are also cool, but appear to be much more costly. So, yeah.

Because I received in the mail today from Cafepress a nice crisp copy of Marion Ingham's Gods & Goddesses: A Handbook for Heathens--it's a discussion of the heathen gods, each in turn, including not only excellent lore references but the author's (and others') more personal perceptions, always identified as such. Really cool idea, and nicely done! :)

Edit: Oh yeah, you can get it here:

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Today in the mail I received Galina Krasskova's new book The Whisperings of Woden, which I of course had ordered as soon as I saw that it was available. I have just skimmed it so far, but it looks pretty good. I'm no Odinswoman but I am interested in learning more about him, and this looks like an excellent resource.
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There's an article in Tyr 2 I want to read, but I want to set aside a block of time so I can read it all in a sitting so it may be a day or two. Dan is not reading Beowulf yet, he's reading the last book of Diana Paxson's trilogy, but I've already set my sights elsewhere :).

My order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab should have been here last week or even the week before but isn't (sent Priority Mail so could be incredibly late but worth checking); I called the company that handles their billing and so forth, and they in turn are supposed to contact them, who are then supposed to contact me... well, no news yet. I wonder if they offered the option to ship via UPS--I don't think so--and having tracking numbers to refer to has spoiled me for more mysterious methods of transport. I wouldn't worry (not in a big hurry) except that I know it was sent.

Laundry and groceries today, oh yay.
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We got a letter from the school today saying that (as of June 29) the kindergarten classes are going to be held in the regular elementary school instead of the early childhood center, which is where they've been for years. This is actually a good thing, because it means that Dan can drop them both off in the morning easily. And younger daughter is thrilled to be attending school in the same building as her sister. (The elementary school also has a much better playground, which she did not fail to notice. :)) I'm just wondering how they are going to manage it--I've never noticed empty rooms there, where are they going to put the new classes? And in less than two months, yet!

I'm having Sims issues. :) Skins and so forth have been either crashing the system or else giving me headless people (elder daughter actually rather likes the headless people), so I need to sit down and figure out which I'm missing parts of. I'm pretty sure it's skins that are doing it, anyway. Luckily I had planned on spending a lot of time on the computer this weekend (Dan is out of town at a SCA event) anyway. Not too much time, though.

We got the Porter translation of Beowulf today; we have the Heaney, it will be interesting to compare the two.

I'm giving up pop again, I think--too much sugar, too much sodium. I've done it before, and it doesn't take too long until you don't really want it anymore.
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I'm working on finishing editing the Asklepios thing today; Dan looked it over for me the other day--amazing how someone else can always catch things that you don't see yourself. I know I will finish it because I may not read Magic and the Norse Goddesses until I have. That makes me work :).
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In other words, a happy mail day!

My back-order of Berroco Cotton Twist arrived, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pink/palepink/sagegreen shiny cotton yarn, yum! Yarn lust, indeed, this stuff is exquisite.

And the big fun, I ordered from Runa-Raven last week, and thus impressed with the service because it arrived today:

* The new edition of Thorsson's Book of Troth--we have a copy of the old one so I am looking forward to comparing--the author name is listed as simply "Edred," which is interesting if odd (joining him with the ranks of Cher and Madonna) and makes me wonder why he dropped the "Thorsson." My guess as to why would probably be wrong.

* The Nine Doors of Midgard, because everyone says you should read it and now I can. Sometime. Considering that I find even his more basic rune works somewhat thick, this one will be slow going when I get to it.

* And Alice Karlsdottir's Magic of the Norse Goddesses, which looks interesting and will be going to the top of my to-read stack now; it seems to feature those goddesses who don't happen to be Freyja (there are chapters on all of or at least most of Frigga's women). Since Frigga is a goddess I have not approached often (everyone says that she loves a clean house, and I think that has scared me off because mine is generally pretty cluttered--only half-kidding there, btw!) it should be an interesting read, I think.
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Elder daughter has gone to visit a friend from school, and younger daughter and Dan are heading down to Wal-Mart, so I've got the music on too loud :).

I finished a skein of yarn last night, got ready to attach the next one and discovered that I had not purchased four, I had purchased three, and I needed four. Grrr. So last night I started another project (using #4 needles, the smallest I have tried personally, and I'm impressed with how little trouble I had adjusting :)). And today I went online to order another skein of the green silk tweed I need to finish the other thing; on the front page of the store site I saw that they had heavy Icelandic wool, which would be great for Dan to use for naalbinding, so we are getting some of that as well. It looks like good stuff, although you have to figure that the colors are always going to be a bit off from what you see online.

I did not, BTW, have any luck finding Lady with a Mead Cup. I'll keep looking, but I think it'll be a while before I manage to locate one, and I suppose I might never find an affordable one. It's kind of disappointing because there really aren't that many good (or even potentially good) books on heathen subjects. (Unlike books on Hellenic religion, which I am constantly finding to add to my Gotta Have It list!)
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I've been working on setting up Outlook Express; if nothing else, this is a good opportunity to rid myself of a lot of dead filters. I don't think I'll delete Eudora, though. For one thing, I'm still using it for my old email account (the one with all the SPAM!); for another, there are so many saved messages in it that I really don't want to get rid of. Geez, I'm even a packrat when it comes to virtual storage space...

UPS brought me a Cafepress order of heathen books: The Rites of Heathendom by Eric Wodening (actually this is our second copy of that one, the first had that awful fall-apart-if-you-breath-on-it spiral binding), and Bits of Heathenry, volumes 1 and 2. The latter seems to be mostly short pieces gleaned from internet sources--from looking at the tables of contents I can see that some of it I'll dig, and some of it I'll lift an eyebrow at, but that's all right :). However, since I'm in the middle of Gods of the North I won't be doing an indepth reading of the new books quite yet.

See, we have a philosophy about buying newly-pressed books on heathenry. That philosophy: "Buy them--QUICK!--before they go out of print!" Hehe.
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I finally made the chicken soup today--wonderful stuff, homemade egg noodles, but every time I make them I remember just why I don't make them more often than I do. In addition, making them so rarely means that every time it's a revelation that egg noodles have not just eggs but EGGS!--more eggs than I'm strictly comfortable putting into anything that isn't brownies :).

But that's okay, I also made chocolate chip cookies. Only two eggs in chocolate chip cookies. Clearly the healthier option.

We watched the Barbarian stuff on the History Channel tonight. The part on the Vikings wasn't bad, but the part on the Goths didn't seem to have as much solid content as one would like. Plus I kept being distracted by the phenomenally bad hairpiece worn by one of the experts-in-the-field. I don't think I'm all that shallow but when it looks like you lacquered your hair to your head, it's an unfortunate thing. Then again, I was working on a quilt while I was watching and likely not paying close attention, so maybe I shouldn't criticize :).

The new ISP seems to be mostly an improvement. The connection speed is much better (we're actually getting 56 now) and not only is there someone there when you call tech support (I think I mentioned Dan's 2 1/2-hour wait with the old one before he gave up), they seem to know what they're talking about.

And I've got a little over a chapter left to read in Road to Hel. I'll want to read it again, it's been such a good read that I find myself reading instead of studying :).
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Still reading Road to Hel, slowly (still tired even after having a brief nap this afternoon--yes, in the reading chair--no stiff neck this time, maybe I'm getting used to it :)) but surely. Finished the first chapter on archaeological evidence, beginning the chapter on literary evidence. One nice thing about Davison is that she doesn't make wild guesses, and she is always very clear about what's being deduced and what that deduction is based on, and she sometimes makes a point of giving alternative explanations. I really appreciate that in an author :).
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reading Lost Gods of England. I'd say, not a good first source for someone to read (they must first be inoculated against a few Great Goddess theories... :))--but interesting, and contains some food for thought.
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