To Gerd

Aug. 20th, 2012 03:21 pm
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Hail to fair Gerd, bright-armed jotun-maid,
daughter of Gymir! You dwelt, content,
in your father's fine hall, knowing not
that your beauty had stricken great Frey
to the soul, and that all your world would change.
For your favor they offered you apples
of gold, fresh from the basket of Idunn:
you said no. For your favor they offered
you riches untold: you said no. No gift
nor bribe would win your hand, and yet you came
to the green and prosperous lands of the Vans,
a passage not without trouble and tears.
Gentle Gerd, gracious lady of Alfheim,
who knows of what must be, I honor you.


Aug. 26th, 2011 12:59 am
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UllR of the northern lands, UllR of the cold
and the stinging wind, bow-god, hunting-god,
deer-stalker, sharp-eyed tracker of bird and beast.
We welcome you, we welcome your strength, we welcome
your season. UllR, glory of the gods, bearer
of the oathring, master of bright-halled Ydalir
that stands among the green-boughed yew, rune-master,
son of Sif, elf-friend, wise and prudent chief. Grant us skill
and silence as we step on crusted snow, grant to us
a season safe from harm. Hail to lordly UllR!


Aug. 26th, 2011 12:58 am
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Bright-eyed Skadhi, daughter of the mountain-giant,
child of the snow and ice, wood-roaming goddess,
firm of footing, firm of purpose, firm of will.
We welcome you, we welcome your strength, we welcome
your season. Skadhi of the cold, shrill winds, the darkened
skies, the frozen earth, Skadhi of sharpened shafts
and feathered flights, stout-armed bow-woman, sure
of hand and sturdy of heart. Grant to us a keen eye
and a steady hand, grant to us full freezers
and safe journeys. Hail to Skadhi! Hail winter's maid!

Ready for Winter Finding early this year!


Aug. 24th, 2011 05:33 pm
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Mighty Frigga, home of the heart, heart of the home,
lady of shining Fensalir, holder of hard truths,
you know the world and how it works, you know its folk,
you call us to do what we can, to do what we should.
Like a wise gardener, you know best the way to tend
each single seed. Like a good mother, you know best
the way to nurse each child, to kindle in their hearts
the fire of ambition, to teach them to dream
and to strive, to hold their hand, to nourish their soul.
Frigga, goddess of community, you grant to us
purpose, you grant to us hope, you guide us as we
find our way in the cold world. Goddess of common sense,
in reason and in judgment we see your hand; in wit
and in insight we know your wisdom; in foresight
and in feeling we hear your voice. Hail to Frigga!
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Hail to Hella, kind-hearted Hella,
who welcomes each traveler to her realm,
who carries sweet mead to those who thirst,
whose tables groan with good meat and bread,
with a place for each by a warm hearthfire,
as family and friends long lost gather round,
to hold the new one close, to clasp their hand,
for a heavy heart--a loss in one world--
brings joy and reunion in the next.
Hella, goddess, lady of Helheim,
heedful guardian of the worlds' renewal,
we thank you for your goodness and graciousness,
for your care of those who have gone before us
into the unknown. Hella, we hail you!
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Hail to Frigga, careful one, sharp-eyed one,
friend of mothers, protector of children,
all-knowing goddess, all-watchful goddess.
You know the love of parent for child,
you know it is unshakeable, goddess,
you know it is everlasting. Frigga,
you know the joy of watching a child grow
into a fine man or woman, you know
the bittersweet pain of parting, you know
what is in a mother's soul. Frigga,
grant me a firm hand and a soft heart,
grant me understanding, grant me clarity,
grant me peace of mind in troubled times,
grant me the strength to bend with the storm
and emerge unbroken. Frigga, goddess,
grant my children the wisdom to choose wisely,
grant them the strength to stand firm against folly,
grant them the will to face any challenge,
grant them the wit to find their way in life.
Beloved Frigga, defender of families,
keep my children safe from harm, goddess,
ward them as they travel through the world.


Jul. 6th, 2010 12:12 pm
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Today is a writing day, I can always tell, so I'm working on prayers for Winter Finding.

Oh, and since I totally forgot to post the prayers for August's Vanir Blot, here they are...

Hail Frey, lord of the fields we sow and reap,
lord of the beasts whose lives sustain our own,
lord of the light-elves, of the green meads
and wildwoods of Alfheim, yours as a tooth-gift.
We thank you for the gifts of the earth,
who cares for us as we care for her.
We thank you for the needs of the body,
the cravings that drive us ever toward life.
Hail to Frey, granter of good, fair-faced Van
whose hand we see in the growing world.

Hail Freyja, peerless goddess, honey-tongued one
whose persuasion and guile can charm all the world,
fair one whose soft voice hides an iron will
and a resolute heart. Freyja, whose hold
on the souls of men is firm, whose might
and wit are unrivaled in all of Asgard,
who knows the heat of desire and the chill
of love lost, we thank you for the sweetest
moments of life, for the passions that bring us
out of ourselves and into the divine.

Hail to Njord, fair-footed lord of Noatun,
god of the seacoasts, of well-traveled paths
and of routes uncharted, of journeys unknown,
of merchants and traders, farmers and fishers,
of the wealth of the world in land and in gold.
Njord, who sees what is through Vanic eyes,
who we find where the sand meets the sea,
who carries the might of soil and stone,
whose good humor and openhandedness
are unmatched in all the worlds. Hail to Njord!

Hail to Nerthus, deep-rooted goddess,
heart of the Vanir, soul of the earth,
center and source of our existence.
Straight and true your wagon fared, Nerthus,
drawn by kind-eyed cows, veiled in fine cloth,
served by doomed men, your secrets still unknown.
Nerthus, ancient one, knowing one, mother of gods,
within the blood and bone of old Ymir
you dwell, from icy peaks to fiery depths.
Field and furrow, seed and soil, all are yours.
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These are the prayers I prepared for Midsummer (early for once!). There are quite a few, so Cut for length )
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Hail to Freyja, brightest bloom of Asgard,
great and mighty goddess, essence of passion.
Freyja, driver of cats, whose steady hand
guides us with subtlety and certainty;
Freyja, seeker of might and wisdom,
who teaches us to understand the cost
of what we desire; Freyja, granter of joy
and pleasure, who inspires us to relish
the gifts of the earth! Freyja, shining one,
who holds us in her arms, who sharpens our wits,
who for a precious moment lets us see
through her eyes the wonders of the worlds.
Freyja, daughter of the worthy Vans,
holder of mysteries, holder of wisdom,
holder of the brilliant Brisingamen,
we praise and honor you this day. Hail Freyja!

Now, this one, I think, works for Mayday!
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So I sat down this afternoon to write something to Freyja for Mayday. Instead, this came out:

Hail to Freyja, glorious goddess, fair one, wise one,
courageous and clever, mighty bearer
of incomparable Brisingamen.
From the lands of the Vanir you came, Freyja,
with knowledge dear and beauty unforeseen.
To the Aesir you brought these precious gifts,
Freyja, but all things of worth have their price,
and all things in the worlds have their time
and their end. Freyja, whose tears of red gold
flow freely, you measure loss by gain
and gain by loss, each taken in turn,
a sorrow but not a regret. Freyja,
who bears the weight of sacrifice; Freyja,
who knows the strength of desire; Freyja,
mistress of might both devious and direct,
I praise you for all you are, I thank you
for gifts granted unasked, for fires that rage
within us, for thirsts unquenched. Hail Freyja

(Hopefully I'll be able to write the one I need later this week. You never know what's going t happen, you know?)
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Hail to Nanna, strong-hearted bride of bright Balder,
most loving of wives, most faithful of consorts,
most steadfast and devoted of lovers. Nanna,
courageous one, daring one whose perilous journey
would strike terror into other hearts; Nanna,
compassionate one, gracious one whose presence
brings comfort to all, whose gentle, certain hand
builds order from chaos; Nanna, resolute one,
balanced one whose steady heart creates a home
in any place you go, no matter how foreign,
no matter how desolate, no matter how alone.
Nanna, strong one, quiet one, whose gift of belonging
can soothe and enliven, cheer and console. Nanna,
who lightens heavy hearts, who brings together
those who have parted, we honor you. Hail Nanna!

Hail to Jord, mother of Thor who gave to her son
her strength and her solidity. Goddess of dirt
and sturdy stone, of moss and roots and buried bones,
of seed and stem, of cave and plain, of every patch
on which we step, on which we live our lives. Upon
your flesh we stand. We laugh and weep, couple and contend,
suffer the bitter and savor the sweet,
birth our babies, teach our children, bury our dead.
All our joys and sorrows, all that we love and fear,
all that we ever know, all comes from you.
Mighty Jord, encompassing goddess, we honor you.
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(Most of this is old, but the last bit is new; I'm posting it all so I don't only have it on the computer here.)

Hail to Odin, ruthless seeker of wisdom,
far-seeing persuader, bender of what will be.

Hail to Frigga, exacting mistress of the home,
seeress and spinner whose gifts weave through our lives.

Hail to Thor, strong-armed defender of Midgard,
red-bearded rain-bringer, faithful friend of mankind.

Hail to Sif, golden-haired goddess, dear wife of Thor,
treasure of the gods, bringer of life to the cold earth.

Hail to Frey, giver of wealth of gold and grain alike,
of peace and protection, of joy and of pleasure.

Hail to Freya, who stirs sweet desire and keen-edged strife,
seeress, sorceress, strong-willed holder of war-dead.

Hail to Tyr, one-armed granter of justice deserved,
Thing-warder, wolf-binder, strong-minded foe of chaos.

Hail to Skadhi, sharp-minded huntress, winter's maid,
bow-woman, vengeance-seeker, shining bride of Njord.

Hail to Ullr, snowshoe god, friend of hunters,
unsurpassed, glory of the gods.

Hail to Eir, soft-handed healer, gentle goddess
whose touch brings relief from ills of all kinds.

Hail to Heimdall, constant guardian of bright Bifrost,
keen-eyed giver of clear thought, father of men.

Hail to Nerthus, ancient and unfathomable,
holder of the black earth and of the seeds within.

Hail to Njord, fair-footed husband of fierce Skadhi,
friend of sailors, seacoast-dweller, giver of wealth.

Hail to Bragi, foremost of skalds, rune-tongued master
of inspiration's fire, of wordcraft's labor.

Hail to Idunna, keeper of the treasured fruit
of youth and vigor, radiant renewer of life.

Hail to Forseti, law-giver and law-keeper,
arbiter, peacemaker, mender of fences.

Hail to Hella, host of our beloved dead,
inevitable one to whom we all will go

Hail to Aegir, best of brewers, best of hosts,
master of the dark sea depths and all they hold.

Hail to Ran, ocean-queen, keeper of Aegir's hall,
stirrer of storms, both bane and reprieve of ships at sea.

Hail to Balder, brightest son of farseeing Odin,
final hope of the gods, final hope of all the worlds.

Hail to Nanna, bold-hearted bride of Balder,
strong one, true one, holding fast to hearth and heart.

Hail to Jord, deep-souled mother of red-bearded Thor,
enduring holder of breath and blood, sea and stone.

To Freyja

Apr. 28th, 2008 01:16 am
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Hail to shining Freyja, light of fair Asgard,
amber-teared goddess who holds the hearts of men.
Knowing one, canny one, you share with us
your might and your insight. Freyja, we feel
your hand guiding us through uncertain times;
we see your face in sea and sky, we know
your touch in wind and rain. Freyja, Vanadis,
battle-wise woman, hostess of war-dead,
wielder of magics both subtle and plain,
granter of boons to those you favor,
your courage and your wit inspire us.
Golden Freyja, fast friend of lovers,
yours is the first spark of any passion,
the ember kept warm through long winters, fanned
to flame anew each year in spring. Freyja,
we thank you for gifts granted, for hearts filled
and broken, for warm beds and warm bodies,
for the pleasures that bind us together,
that bring us to life. Hail to bright Freyja!
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New prayers for Freyja and Frigga for Ostara--actually, it turns out I don't need the Frigga prayer today but that's all right, liturgy never goes to waste.

Hail to Freyja, glory of fair Asgard!
We welcome you, we ask your blessing.
Bearer of peerless Brisingamen,
embodiment of unknowable might;
you know of those things that drive us most,
the desires that compel our survival.
Wise and willful Freyja, driver of cats,
mistress of far-famed Folkvang, granter of
our most heartfelt wishes. Hail to Freyja!

Hail to fair Frigga, heart of every home!
We welcome you, we ask your blessing.
Keeper of the home, of the larder
that feeds us throughout the long, bare winter,
sharp-minded one, planner and provider,
through your gift of wit we outlast the cold.
Frigga, shrewd one who sees and knows all things,
who keeps her own counsel above all else,
who holds knowledge dear as gold. Hail to Frigga!


Apr. 9th, 2007 04:34 pm
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Hail to Freyja, noble mistress of Folkvang,
daughter of sea-faring, wealth-giving Njord,
sister of mighty Frey, granter of good,
holder of peerless Brisingamen,
driver of cats, skillful stirrer of strife,
desired by many, taken by none,
given only to few, only by your will.
Freyja, we know you in the spark of lust
in lovers' eyes, in each quick step toward self,
in the first heart-lightening signs of spring,
in all the needs that drive us together
and in all the needs that turn us away.
Gold-teared Freyja, beautiful goddess,
we thank you for your many gifts.


Jan. 2nd, 2007 05:39 pm
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Hail to Freyja, warm breath of life,
child of earth and sea, amber-teared
goddess, strong-willed driver of cats,
watchful wife of wandering Od,
holder of Brisingamen's might,
chooser of the best of warriors.
With eyes soft or steely, your gaze
melts the strongest of us, bends us
to your will, persuasive Freyja.
With touch firm or gentle, your hand
guides those you favor to victory.
A tongue sharp yet sweet, a keen wit
ready for any challenge,
a depth of soul unmatched by any--
all these we know in you, fair one.
Bright-haired Freyja, we honor you.

To Frey

Oct. 10th, 2006 05:13 pm
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Hail to Frey, shining son of noble Njord,
brother of incomparable Freyja,
rider of gold-bristled Gullinbursti,
pilot of swift-skimming Skidbladnir,
master of Alfheim, wielder of the antler!
Brave Frey, devoted husband of fair Gerd,
in a distant land you saw the white-armed maid
and were stricken--any price would you pay,
any sacrifice would you freely make,
to gain the heart of the giant's daughter.
Single-minded pursuer of true love,
we see you in the seasons' changing,
in all the rhythms of our bodies;
we feel you in the trickle of desire
along the spine, deep in the belly.
Driven by need, we know your might,
we know the keen-edged claim of passion,
a claim fierce and full, as dear as breath:
the call of lust is the call of life.
Forceful one, irresistible one,
your persuasion is of the earth--
we feel it in our frailty, our flesh,
our bones, our rushing blood. We know it
as we know we live. Frey, sower of seeds,
granter of gifts simple and sublime,
of the world and of the spirit, we honor you.
Hail to Frey! Hail the bringer of joy,
of renewal, of completion! Hail Frey!

To Skadhi

Oct. 5th, 2006 12:10 pm
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Hail to Skadhi, fair daughter of Thiazi,
strong-willed battle-maiden, bright bride of Njord,
mistress of Thrudheim, mountain-dwelling goddess,
warrior, huntress, unrivaled bow-woman.
Skadhi, in the northern lands we see you
always--even in the heat of summer
you never leave us, remaining always
in shadowy forests, in cold mountain streams,
in clear, cold nights, stars shining bright as jewels.
When the days grow bitter cold as well;
when the trees become brilliant with color,
their hues deceptively warm; when thoughts turn
to storing food, to gathering fuel,
to the fevered hunt to come--then, Skadhi,
do we know your strength in true, do we feel
your full force, do we enter your realm
of ashen frosts and shrill winds, of slick-iced paths
and waist-deep banks of snow, of long dark nights
by the fire, brutal storms raging and moaning
against the door. Skadhi, blood of giants,
child of discord, the choice to go within
the gates, to seize the world of order,
was given you. Wergild you took,
as fitting, as right; a husband you took,
joining with the clan of gods, with Asgard.
Goddess of our lands, goddess of our hearts,
we call to you! Hail to skillful Skadhi!

To Odin

Oct. 1st, 2006 11:53 am
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Hail to Odin, wise and knowing Allfather,
lord of sturdy, broad-halled Valhalla;
lord of brave warriors and cunning mages;
winner of runes, seeker of wisdom;
master of incomparable Sleipnir;
husband of flawless Frigga, well-matched woman;
father of shining Balder, best of gods;
brother of the clever son of Laufey!
Traveler, making your way through the worlds,
always learning, always planning, always
with your eye on the ultimate goal,
seeker of new paths, finder of loopholes,
strategist, charmer, defender, magician,
endless are your manipulations,
subtle your methods, intricate your schemes,
your art and guile are without equal,
your focus on the needful well known to all.
Odin, with wit as sharp as any sword,
with judgment as deep as any chasm,
with strength to bear any misfortune,
we honor your commitment to survival,
your endless gathering of knowledge,
your unfaltering drive toward victory.
Hail to Odin! Hail the far-seeing one!

To Frigga

Sep. 29th, 2006 01:09 pm
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Hail to Frigga, hail the queen of Asgard!
Noble lady of bright Valhalla,
trusted companion of crafty Odin,
mistress of watery Fensalir,
guide of trusty, clever maidens--
Fulla and Gefjon, Saga and Eir,
Sjofn, Lofn, Vor and Var, Syn and Hlin,
Snotra and Gna, all brave and skillful maids.
Frigga, shrewd one who sees much, who knows much,
ever thinking, ever careful, acting
cautiously but swiftly, planning, dealing,
persuading, designing, doing all
possible to achieve your end. Frigga,
unsurpassed in wisdom, in insight,
in perception, in cunning and in judgment,
practical goddess who sees all options,
all opportunities, all divergent paths,
all fibers of Wyrd's sturdy fabric,
we call on you, goddess, for constancy,
for stability and certainty,
for order created and maintained,
as much as we may know in this world.
Hail Frigga! Hail the holder of harmony!
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