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Got all the stuff from the kitchen that I've been meaning to get out of the kitchen, out of the kitchen. Dan put the rest of the bottled mead in the wine rack, and I moved the canned wort into the basement, and so forth. Cleaned the floor some more. Now one can get to the sink in a direct line from the back door instead of having to detour around said boxes. Yay.

Edit: this is noted because I have been wanting to do this for ages.
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I am taking an internet-and-icewater break.

Four boxes of old neopagany books boxed up, three are in the basement and one to go. (I always forget how heavy books are when there's a lot of them.) Will get the other when I bring laundry upstairs later on.

And I hate, loathe and despise the SCA. Purely because if it weren't for the SCA I wouldn't have half the crap upstairs that I do. But the garb is going to go out in a closet on the back porch tonight as soon as I get hangers, maybe even later tonight, so that makes me happy. I've got two long shelves empty upstairs now and they are already almost filled by the quilts, I guess I'll have to sort through the bottom shelf as well. Bleh. Just not until I'm done with other things as well.

It'll be nice to have easy access to the upstairs closet again.

I really ought to clear unworn clothes out of the upstairs closet as well. I know there are things in there that we haven't touched in ages. Thing is, that "if you haven't worn it in a year, throw it out" rule doesn't work for me because I so rarely wear anything dressy--I can easily go a year without having to put on anything but jeans and a T-shirt. So I hate clothes-sorting.

The fridge won't be here until Friday at the earliest, more likely next week, which gives me time to figure out how it's going to get into the house :).

And I am behind on my internet, actually. Haven't read email that wasn't actually in my inbox in a week. Which means I've got a big backed-up folder of Troth-members mail to read. Sometime soon, not today.
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I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish today. Anything else I get done is just bonus. :) I have to start dinner in 45 minutes, wonder what I can cram into 45 minutes...

Dan is planning to take the girls to Minneapolis this weekend to watch robots fight, which means I should be able to get a lot done then as well.
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The girls went back to school today, in theory I should be getting a lot done (well, I sorted laundry, and the sorting in their room is always an accomplishment...).

I've just realized that I haven't really gotten much done since early October. Mid-October I got sick, and had no appreciable improvement until the end of November. And by then of course it was December--Yule, younger daughter's b'day, Giftmas, New Year's Eve (December is the insane month around here), and nothing else.

Now I am ready to get back into the swing of things. (I hope. Knock wood.)

My evening

Jun. 28th, 2005 09:07 pm
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The girls and I cleared out space in their room for the chest of drawers I wanted to move in there, then I moved said chest of drawers, and then they had to clear their things out of the other chest of drawers so that I could move our stuff in there. But they've now got more storage space (already taken up with younger daughter's stuff for the most part--I'll be sorting out old things in the fall but right now she's got a ton of clothes iin there), and we've got a spot for the TV in our room. (Next I have to start sorting out some of our things. And we have to figure out where a new outlet should go.)

Oh, and I gave younger daughter a pair of barettes I discovered, and she went to put them in--and when they didn't go in like she wanted she cut off about a 2" wide chunk of hair. Gah! (It's not as bad as last time, is really barely noticeable, but still...)
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Today I was working on finding other places for some of the things that have been taking over the kitchen counter. So far I've found new homes for:

The George Foreman Grill
The thing that seals stuff in supposedly-airtight packages for freezing
The blender
Two jugs of honey
A very large jug of soy sauce.

And while I didn't feel the lack of counter space previously, there's sure a lot more of it now!

(Now to keep it from being re-occupied...)
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Elder daughter left a spoon in a bowl when she was heating something up. Not her fault, she didn't know. Smells nasty! though.

Edit: Apparently the microwave is fine. Well, at least it heats. Hard to believe something that smelled that bad wasn't permanently damaged!
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I've spent the day cleaning those bits of the house that no one notices--well, that I tend not to notice. I notice the floor when it is cluttered--I am less likely to notice higher-placed horizontal surfaces when they are. One of those "I worked all day and you can't even tell!" things :).

[livejournal.com profile] bellacrow mentioned Flylady. Now, I seriously cannot bear Flylady, but I used to have success maintaining my housekeeping with a related system--I suppose that once the house is in shape again I should give it a try again. Worked great for a while...so what happened? Oh, yeah. Younger daughter learned to walk. Hehe.
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Any day that starts with mopping already has two strikes against it.

(Younger daughter dropped a full gallon jug of milk on the kitchen floor, and it split open.)

On the bright side, more roses are blooming and it smells wonderful in the front yard!
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Okay, the bed is out.

This was a very, very old mattress, and the rubber has been in the process of disintegrating, probably since before we got it. So Dan pulled the bedroom window out of the frame and I started work on the mattress--we'd thought I'd have to saw it apart, but it was in such bad shape that I was able to pull it into pieces with my bare hands. (Impressive to the five-year-old before I shooed her out of the room!) I put the pieces in large trash bags and tossed them out the window. Then, with help, got the two parts of the box spring out the window as well. (The good news is that there's plenty of room to pass a twin-sized box spring through the window, so very likely that will be how we get the new ones in as well.) Dan disassembled the broken frame and that went out, along with the headboard (we'll do without for a while). Then the picking-up of all that had fallen under the bed, and then the vacuuming of the rug under the bed.

And then the taking of a shower because I had been enveloped in clouds of powdered rubber several times and wanted it out of my hair NOW, as well as needing to wash the rubber smell off of my hands. I suppose I could have worn gloves to tear apart the mattress, but all I've got are rubber gloves and that would just be silly.

So I've done the initial vacuuming and am waiting for the dust to settle before I make another run at it. Maybe see about dinner first.
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I missed my first chance to vote because I had just gone off to collge, far out of state, and never got around to getting an absentee ballot. I was 18, and that was 1980. I haven't missed an election since. I've been reading (in LJ and on mailing lists) about folks' memories of the Reagan years, their opinions of him as a president. I didn't vote for him, wouldn't have even if I had gotten that ballot, but I never had a particular dislike of the man--he seemed nice enough, although since I've always been pretty liberal I didn't agree with much of his platform. (And if I had disliked him, I couldn't have wished anything worse for him than what did inevitably happen to him.) So, no great thoughts from here (although I may steer clear of the History Channel and CNN for a while! :)).

Dan is out doing yardwork, potting hops and grapes and so forth. I'm about to get to work clearing some stuff out of the way upstairs so that we can try to get that mattress out later. We'll be sleeping on the couches for a couple of days, but it's going to be quite a job getting things ready for the new mattres that's coming next week. I'm still not sure how we're going to get it in.
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Tonight we went to the furniture store and spent a buttload of money on a new mattress (mattresses, actually, it'll be two twins on a king frame). It's sorely-needed (and in Dan's case that "sorely" is quite literal) and should arrive in about a week, after which we can schedule a delivery. This means that I have my project for next week--getting our bedroom as close to ready as I can, considering that the old bed is in such bad shape that if we move it too much it will break and we won't be able to sleep on it. But I am glad to have gotten this done--we've been meaning to do it for the last few years. The girls are happy as well, because they now have the free Serta counting sheep that came with the mattresses. It was a big expense, but you hate to skimp on something that is such a big investment, something you'll be spending 1/4 to 1/3 of your time using, so I don't mind too much--the thing is likely to last us decades.

I started work on writing that piece on Asklepios this afternoon; wow, it has been a while! Well, I said I would do it, and I will to the best of my ability--as always, can't speak to the quality (I am so out of practice!).
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I've just finished ordering a home blood pressure monitor--Dan suggested that as long as I was doing that, we should see about getting a otoscope as well, so we did.

Earlier we went to look at mattresses (we need a new bed), we were thinking of getting the slightly pricier option of two twins to replace the king-sized mattress upstairs ( the bed went up there before the bookcases were built in--it will have to be cut up and tossed out a window because it's not getting out the same way!). Realized we would actually have to get two long twins, which are even pricier. So we came back home--going to to some more measuring--see if there's any possible way to get a king mattress up there that we haven't thought of--or even a queen (downgrading in size, which is not great, but we could afford a better-quality mattress that way and have a bit more room in the room, so it's something we are considering). Maybe we can figure out something by next week.

You know, I don't even particularly like shopping.
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So, yesterday the phone company (actually some local folks they hire to do that kind of thing) came out to lay the new permanent phone line to replace the temporary line they had to put in to replace the old permanent line that they cut.

There are two phone lines here, Line 1 (the main line, the one in the book, the one everyone knows) and Line 2 (the modem line, the one no one knows, and more to the point the one that is only hooked up to the modem and the phone we keep by the computer). They left and while Line 2 worked just fine (no internet interruption :)) Line 1 did not. Dan got it working again when he got home--seems to have been a problem with the phone by the computer. So that phone is now turned off--therefore no answering machine and no easy way to use Line 2 to call out on. But Line 1 was working.

Until this afternoon. For some reason it's off again. Grr.

So yeah, this continues to be the season of mechanical failures. Now we're down to one car because the other needs brake work (so I have no phone and no car at the moment). And the heater is making sounds like someone is down in the basement banging the pipes with a baseball bat--which might be in the realm of normal or might not, but it's really disconcerting in any case.

So who does a person have to offer to to get this to stop? :)
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I'm spending the day trying to catch up on various things. I did some ADF office mail; it's a challenge when I'm reading email on one computer and using the web on another (and all my notes for doing it are on my computer which doesn't currently have an internet connection!). And I'm straightening up around the house a bit. It's a grey day, not very inspiring--well, that's not quite true, it inspires me to sit and read a book and not accomplish anything! but I'm avoiding that inspiration so far.
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Damn phone company. Remember we had a cable cut last week? Led to email problems? I found out yesterday that at least one important message I had been sent, I had never received--it was just lucky that I wrote the person back (figuring that my message might not have reached them). No, it had, and they recent the message they'd sent back.

Well, I know there's no such thing as a foolproof form of communication. Maybe I should start making use of those annoying-as-hell automatic "let me know if you got this" things. Sigh.

But mainly I'm worried now about what else I might have missed. Most of the email I receive is trivial, but some of it isn't.


Oct. 23rd, 2003 09:50 am
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So, Tuesday morning the phone company was out in the road, laying down some new cable. Great, we think, maybe our connection speeds will improve! Just not right away because the cut the cable and we have been without phone until today. They did that last time they came through a few years ago. Do they even look at those little orange flags?

Anyway, I've been offline and probably bouncing email left and right, so if anyone has tried to email me and it's been returned, that's why. Grrr.
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Yesterday younger daughter decided to stuff the bathroom sink with toilet paper and fill the bowl (apparently she couldn't get the drain to close). She then left the water running, just a trickle. An hour or so later we discovered the entire (carpeted) bathroom was flooded. Covered the floor with towels (and I thought I was done with laundry for the week!) and set up a box fan to help dry it. Someday she will stop doing stuff like this...soon would be good!

I finished reading American Gods last night, stayed up until 3:30 a.m. to do it, but after a certain point you just have to keep going!

Making double-chocolate muffins for playgroup today. Don't be too impressed, it's my quickest, easiest recipe!
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I went today to replace the microwave; we are such slaves to technology, couldn't even go two weeks without the thing! Amazing how quickly a convenience becomes a necessity, isn't it?

I'm taking a break now from sewing; I'm making decent progress on assembling the quilt top, hoping to get it done before the weekend is done. (Hoping also that there are some good movies on television tonight :)).
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I walked into the living room today and realized that I hadn't cleaned it since the girls left--and it looked exactly the same! It's been a while since I could say that :).

Yeah, I miss them. Just don't miss stepping on toys :).
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