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Jan. 25th, 2008 12:01 am
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Elder daughter told me today that I need more CDs. This occurred to her because the CD changer is only about a quarter full (it holds 400). I think it also occurred to her that if I got more CDs, there'd be more CDs for her to borrow.

But right now I'm not in the market--sometimes I spend a lot of time listening to music I already have, but lately I've preferred radio (well, if you count XM as radio, which I guess you have to--we only have it because we have DirecTV but I can certainly see the appeal), music where I don't know exactly what's coming up next.

Currently my musical tastes are broader than hers. I like most of what she likes (I like a lot of music), but she considers a lot of what I like to be too old. She by definition doesn't care for anything that's older than she is, which I find kind of amusing. She tends toward popular music, I guess--favorites include Rihanna and Kanye West--which isn't surprising since she is thirteen and that's what many of her friends like. (She still likes Green Day but considers them a bit old as well, which I suppose they are to a thirteen-year-old.)

You know, they always say how fascinating it is to see how the little kids grow and change. I think it's more interesting to see how older kids do so.
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The girls went back to school today, in theory I should be getting a lot done (well, I sorted laundry, and the sorting in their room is always an accomplishment...).

I've just realized that I haven't really gotten much done since early October. Mid-October I got sick, and had no appreciable improvement until the end of November. And by then of course it was December--Yule, younger daughter's b'day, Giftmas, New Year's Eve (December is the insane month around here), and nothing else.

Now I am ready to get back into the swing of things. (I hope. Knock wood.)
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Yule quilt progress as of today: 56/64

I'm so not tired. Long nap. Dan has also had a long nap, hope he turns it into a long night of sleep.

I'm just about done with holiday shopping (yay!).

The girls have only a week of holiday break this year, presumably because they started later than usual (after Labor Day). :( Not a fun thing, I'd rather have them home longer. (Possibly I will change my mind on that poing if they don't quite squabbling after Giftmas...)

I'm less tired now, therefore more cheerful. :)

I had an awesome Yule but I'm sure glad we only do that once a year!

My evening

Jun. 28th, 2005 09:07 pm
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The girls and I cleared out space in their room for the chest of drawers I wanted to move in there, then I moved said chest of drawers, and then they had to clear their things out of the other chest of drawers so that I could move our stuff in there. But they've now got more storage space (already taken up with younger daughter's stuff for the most part--I'll be sorting out old things in the fall but right now she's got a ton of clothes iin there), and we've got a spot for the TV in our room. (Next I have to start sorting out some of our things. And we have to figure out where a new outlet should go.)

Oh, and I gave younger daughter a pair of barettes I discovered, and she went to put them in--and when they didn't go in like she wanted she cut off about a 2" wide chunk of hair. Gah! (It's not as bad as last time, is really barely noticeable, but still...)


Feb. 28th, 2005 09:01 pm
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Our official weather-to-be:

Lake effect snow showers will increase in intensity this evening
and will become heavy at times through Tuesday morning. Snowfall
rates may exceed 2 inches per hour at times tonight and Tuesday
morning. Gusty north winds in open areas will also create blowing and
drifting snow... occasionally reducing visibilities below one quarter
of a mile. Look for additional accumulations of 6 to 10 inches
tonight and 4 to 8 inches Tuesday.

I think they're going to throw me out of the moms union, I like it when the kids have a snow day. I don't really expect it tomorrow but it would be nice to have them home :).
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My 10-year-old is joining me in watching the returns tonight (Dan and the 5-year-old went to PCN); I guess they've been discussing the election process at her school quite a bit (last week one of her homework assignments was to take a US map and mark each state with its electoral votes) and she's interested. (Thinks she is, anyway--we'll see how long she holds out! :))

We'll have some chips and pop a little later on, make it more of a fun thing :).
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We now have an ex-hamster. :( Elder daughter is all right, she's sad of course, but she knows they don't live a long time and she's had him for quite a while. She doesn't want another hamster--maybe mice, or maybe those miniature hamsters (hard to imagine a smaller hamster...)--which is understandable. He was a decent hamster. I guess we'll be having a hamster funeral sometime this weekend, which will be much easier since the ground hasn't frozen yet. (Wouldn't have enjoyed storing him for a spring burial...)

Right now she's making popcorn for them to eat while watching a Pink Panther movie. We watched Arsenic and Old Lace first, which I enjoyed but which 5-year-olds can apparently take or leave. Earlier I made banana pudding, but it's not chilled enough yet, so popcorn it is. I've made chocolate banana pudding before, but never the traditional one. (And actually, since I skipped the meringue, this one isn't exactly traditional either. )

Because, you know, domesticity appears at random moments. :)


Oct. 18th, 2004 04:55 pm
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The snow is melting, the kids are arguing about who has which doll feet (frickin' Bratz dolls with disappearing feet!).

My computer has decided it doesn't need to access the internet today (using Dan's at the moment :)).

So, yeah, I'm late on everything net-related today!
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I realized (okay, I already knew this, I think I was consciously forgetting it) that if I want the next Lake Effect (local pagan newsletter) out on time I have to get a lot of it ready before we leave, because I'll only have a couple of days once we get back. So I've been working on that. Luckily it's small, so I think a general piece on different harvest holidays and one on Lugh ("Putting Lugh Back into Lughnasadh"--but I'll refrain from being too obnoxious about that one :)) should do me. I think I'm supposed to be getting some poetry in as well, so will leave room for that when it arrives.

What I'd like to include is something about Finnish paganism--with our large Finnish population, I think that would be of interest to folks--but I haven't managed to find any decent resources on it yet.

And I made a blueberry pie (it's Dan's birthday and he doesn't like cake) today with some help from younger daughter.

The girls are playing the Sims on the PS2 this afternoon--actually elder daughter has convinced younger daughter to torment the little virtual creatures by removing doors and so forth. Generally she just likes building stuff.
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Any day that starts with mopping already has two strikes against it.

(Younger daughter dropped a full gallon jug of milk on the kitchen floor, and it split open.)

On the bright side, more roses are blooming and it smells wonderful in the front yard!
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The freezer is full of ice cream and the little girls are happy. Ice cream is good :).
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Dan is home safe :). Well, not that I was really worried, but you always do worry, just a little bit.

Younger daughter came downstairs a while ago, distraught because her new stuffed cat (a gift from Dan) has lost its whiskers and "now he doesn't look like a cat! he looks like a dog!" Because when you are five, all things must be just so and there is little room for variation. We will re-attach them tomorrow; from looking at them it doesn't look like they had them fixed too well.
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Elder daughter has gone to visit a friend from school, and younger daughter and Dan are heading down to Wal-Mart, so I've got the music on too loud :).

I finished a skein of yarn last night, got ready to attach the next one and discovered that I had not purchased four, I had purchased three, and I needed four. Grrr. So last night I started another project (using #4 needles, the smallest I have tried personally, and I'm impressed with how little trouble I had adjusting :)). And today I went online to order another skein of the green silk tweed I need to finish the other thing; on the front page of the store site I saw that they had heavy Icelandic wool, which would be great for Dan to use for naalbinding, so we are getting some of that as well. It looks like good stuff, although you have to figure that the colors are always going to be a bit off from what you see online.

I did not, BTW, have any luck finding Lady with a Mead Cup. I'll keep looking, but I think it'll be a while before I manage to locate one, and I suppose I might never find an affordable one. It's kind of disappointing because there really aren't that many good (or even potentially good) books on heathen subjects. (Unlike books on Hellenic religion, which I am constantly finding to add to my Gotta Have It list!)
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It's been raining for the last few days, the girls are cranky because they want to go out and play, I am cranky because they are cranky. And a sure sign of spring--I'm coming down with (I hope) the last cold of the season. :P
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We're waiting for younger daughter's playdate to arrive; she's been helping me in the kitchen while I made muffins (new recipe, chocolate oatmeal raisin, hope they're good), put a stew in the oven for supper, and started the bread machine.

One of those 5-year-old moments I hope to remember--I looked over and she was watching through the bread machine's viewing window, fascinated--doing this little dance along with the bread :). I like being a stay-at-home mom, but some days I love it :)
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Elder daughter was convinced that school would be cancelled today; they got a late start but that was all. They always schedule more snow days than we are likely to use, I don't think we've ever come near needing all of them

I started reading Lost Gods of England (Brian Branston) this evening; a good read but I don't know how reliable a source it is, although so far it seems all right in that regard (meaning that I haven't noticed anything glaring).

Dan and the girls have been playing Simpsons' Hit and Run on the PS2 this week (rented, don't know yet if it'd be worth buying). I personally find it really annoying because it looks so much like Road Rage but the controls are different, and it confuses me, and thus I am unable to control the vehicles. Sometimes I can just tell I am not a part of the new video-game generation :).
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Elder daughter has pretty well appropriated the Sims game :); that's all right, she's enjoying herself.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor, going to find out if I keep taking the beta blockers or not (and I'm dreading having blood pressure taken--I can't stand having that done, I'd rather be stuck with ten needles than have that blood pressure cuff put on me once!--this of course does not bode well for good blood pressure figures, lol!); not sure what to hope for, really.

And I think I know what all I'm making for New Year's, or rather I know what I'm going to go buy ingredients to make--whether it all gets made depends on how much time I end up with (I'd forgotten about Pagan Coffee Night tomorrow, so I don't have that time to work with--but I think I can probably get it all done regardless, just won't be quite such a leisurely schedule of cooking :)).

I'm tired. Slept late today and am still tired. Life is dull after the last month's flurry of activity, maybe that's got something to do with it :).
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And now she's singing along!
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My nine-year-old asked to borrow my Ramonesmania CD and is playing it on her computer. (No big surprise, I guess, it's practically all I listened to when I was pregnant with her! :))
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I'm waiting for the snow. The trees have barely started to turn, and here we are expecting snow. It's okay--it won't stay on the ground this early in the season, and it probably won't even make for hazardous driving conditions--but the first snow of size is important.

And we are set for winter. I have a new winter coat (black leather drover's coat, very cool!), elder daughter has a new coat, younger daughter inherits elder daughter's coat of a few years ago, and they both have new boots. Younger daughter's are Hello Kitty boots that light up, apparently this is beyond wonderful.

At the shoe store last week, we were checking out, two pairs of winter boots, the cashier says they have a "buy two, get one free" thing going. We were in a hurry and didn't need more shoes, so I sent elder daughter to get something she liked. She came back with what had to have been the most gloriously tacky shoes in the entire store! They are clogs, blue with purple glitter, bright pink soles and lining, and chains along the edge with three nifty Hello Kitty charms attached. Shoes that only a nine-year-old could love. I got them, just because, well, how often will I be able to get her something that outrageously perfect?
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