Sari yarn!

Aug. 24th, 2006 04:14 pm
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I've been meaning to get some of this for ages and finally got around to it, and it's even nicer than I'd anticipated.

Note to non-knitters: "sari yarn" is recycled silk yarn. Old saris are unraveled and the fibers are respun into silk yarn. The colors are brilliant. The hand varies, depending on how the fabric is treated (some is stiffer than others). It's generally (always?) fair trade, so that helps with some of the "omigod more yarn?" thing.

Usually there's a fair mix of colors, but the stuff I got was more consistent. First, I got some that's from the darker parts of the sari (you can also get it that's all from lighter/brighter parts as well):

Sari yarn, darks )

Then, I got some that's made from mostly red fibers (you can get other colorways as well, but I like red). You can also get it that's been painted if you want a dominant color, but I didn't care as much for those, and I quite liked the colors made by separating out fibers before spinning:

Sari yarn, reds )

The red is spun a bit finer than the dark; it seems a bit more supple, and there's 120-150 yards on a 100g skein, as opposed to the about 90 yards on a 100g skein of the dark. But they're both amazing.
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Article on knitting's current popularity

For [ profile] dangerbunny and [ profile] lumberjane and all the other knitty people on my flist.

Making molasses cake from an old recipe of my grandmother's. It doesn't call for any spices, which is odd; otoh it does call for blackstrap molasses, which I was out of. If it's too mild I can also throw in some ginger and clove next time I try it.
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Browned butter frosting isn't quite as good on chocolate cake as it is on spice cake.

Chocolate mayonnaise cake is tasty and has a wonderful texture, but you shouldn't tell your husband there is mayonnaise in it, because although there's nothing in mayo that isn't in cake as well, he will find it strange.

Being around knitting people can make you start knitting, even though it's winter and you should really be quilting instead.

I don't want to do the Nohari window thing, either for myself or anyone else's, but there's the linke if you want to. (In case you missed the ubiquitous Johari window, there's that link as well. :))


Jun. 10th, 2004 04:32 pm
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The skein of green silk I'd ordered arrived, and I can finally finish making the cloth for Aphrodite's altar.

And then I can get back to working on the blue-and-green cotton cloth for the heathen altar. It's a good color, a nice yarn--three ply, one ply each of blue, light blue and green, looks very sea-like. Slow going because I'm using #4 needles (the green silk seems now to be flying by on the #8s I'm using!) but worth it.

I'd also ordered some bulky Icelandic wool for Dan to use in naalbinding. It's lovely stuff, wonderful colors, lovely texture, but he thinks it may have too soft a twist to use for naalbinding (with naalbinding you don't work from the skein, you use shorter pieces of yarn and join them as needed because each stitch takes the whole of the yarn through the loop--I haven't done it myself but I've watched him). I hope he's wrong on that, I'd love to see it made up into something.
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Elder daughter has gone to visit a friend from school, and younger daughter and Dan are heading down to Wal-Mart, so I've got the music on too loud :).

I finished a skein of yarn last night, got ready to attach the next one and discovered that I had not purchased four, I had purchased three, and I needed four. Grrr. So last night I started another project (using #4 needles, the smallest I have tried personally, and I'm impressed with how little trouble I had adjusting :)). And today I went online to order another skein of the green silk tweed I need to finish the other thing; on the front page of the store site I saw that they had heavy Icelandic wool, which would be great for Dan to use for naalbinding, so we are getting some of that as well. It looks like good stuff, although you have to figure that the colors are always going to be a bit off from what you see online.

I did not, BTW, have any luck finding Lady with a Mead Cup. I'll keep looking, but I think it'll be a while before I manage to locate one, and I suppose I might never find an affordable one. It's kind of disappointing because there really aren't that many good (or even potentially good) books on heathen subjects. (Unlike books on Hellenic religion, which I am constantly finding to add to my Gotta Have It list!)


Mar. 19th, 2004 11:07 pm
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I've made a chocolate cheesecake, prepared two pans of stuffed shells to bake tomorrow, and have absolutely no memory of hurting my ankle but apparently I did. I guess that's as ready as I'm getting tonight :).

I finished knitting the cloth for Aphrodite's altar a few days ago and can't decide what to start on next; I've got yarn for a few possibilities but I'm not sure which I want to spend the next few weeks on. I'm about six inches into one for our heathen altar (but it's brown, and while it will look nice when it's done I can't stand looking at it while I'm working on it for too long :)). Also I have retained the quilters' tendency to have more than one project in the works at all times. I really should make one for my general Hellenic altar, but it needs to be about twice the size of the others I've made, which is holding me back a bit. Anyway, simple is good. I'm fond of seed stitch but I'm looking into some other small and subtle patterns. I'll see what looks good to me on Sunday (the next time I'll have time to sit and think).


Mar. 4th, 2004 12:06 am
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I finished the green altar cloth for our heathen altar today, of course I immediately had to go put it on, rearrange a bit, dust of course. It looks much better. Inspires me to start another one, soon :).
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While at Wal-Mart (I know, I know) last night, I picked up a bin to store yarn; today I went out on the back porch where I was pretty sure I had put some yarn I'd purchased many years ago (like before I was married!), got it for some project and never made it. (Unfortunately not a thing I am unknown for. :))

Imagine my surprise to find not only several skeins of soft fuzzy yarn in magenta, bright blue and black, but a small partially-completed piece and a large piece in the same pattern. The latter is finished except for weaving in the ends. Well, I'm sure it isn't actually finished, given that I found another partial piece and given that it's a very odd size--too long for a shawl, too narrow for an afghan--but since I don't have the pattern any more I guess it's what I've got. It's very pretty, and surprisingly undamaged although some of it was gaily festooned with bits of sunflower seed--however, apparently mice don't eat acrylic or nest in it (can you blame them?) because it seems fine otherwise.

I'm not sure what to do with it. It would make a nice altar cloth for a very long altar. I wish I had a very long altar but I don't. However, it's also a lot more complicated work than I had any idea I would have been capable of at any point in my short and distant knitting career (I vaguely remember being able to purl but that's about it--so this is a nice surprise). So, barring being able to find the pattern (unlikely since I'm sure it was in one of those thin booklets you get at the yarn store), I guess I've got more yarn and a lovely but unusable piece. (Thinks of knitting altar cloths, hmmm.)
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