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I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish today. Anything else I get done is just bonus. :) I have to start dinner in 45 minutes, wonder what I can cram into 45 minutes...

Dan is planning to take the girls to Minneapolis this weekend to watch robots fight, which means I should be able to get a lot done then as well.
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Dan is off this weekend to a...well, I guess it's a mixed heathen/pagan/druid gathering thing in Minnesota. I'm sure he's heading back home now, or else still visiting folks in Duluth, which he was going to do on the way back. I imagine he'll be late. Hope he had fun--hope the weather there was nicer than the weather here (which was cold and rainy).

So the girls and I had Burger King for dinner yesterday and had pizza delivered today, and they are playing Sims on the PS2 right now. Healthy, not!
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The weather is warm, Dan is planning to take the girls to drum circle a bit later.

Me, I gave up drumming, at least for the time being. I used to like it. I liked it because it was something I could do that let me hit that bordering-on-alpha thing, something totally right-brained. (I tend to be fairly rational in my thinking, so anything that takes me away from that once in a while is nice.) I sucked at it, without a doubt, but could kind of follow what folks were doing enough not to clash horribly. Then someone introduced the concept of using patterns, reading the rhythm from sheets of paper. And now I can't do it anymore. It's not a huge thing--I just liked to drum on occasion, I wasn't passionate about it--but, well, it's just no longer something I can do with no reference to the left side of the brain, and that means it is no longer something I want to do. If I can ever get rid of the tendency to pay conscious attention to what I am doing, maybe I will take it up again.
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It also occurs to me (well, in fact it occurred to me while I was doing it, but it is occurring to me now to write about it!) that there were so many better things I could have done with my four hours alone than knitting and watching TV. Working on that piece on Asklepios. Writing the next prayer in the series. Writing in my paper journal. Hell, cleaning the refrigerator!

I'm often a bit lost when I have child-free time alone. There are so many things which are so much easier to do when the kids aren't there, and most of the time I could probably write a short list of them, and maybe even prioritize them. But when it happens, and I do have time alone to do Whatever I Want To Do, all of that disappears and I wander around, unable to make up my mind (read a book? sit and meditate? reorganize my books?), and generally end up doing something mindless and/or useless. (Well, I did get four hours of knitting in tonight--but that's something I can often do in the evenings, I didn't need to use my precious alone moments on it.) It's like having a limited time to spend in an enormous bookstore--where do you start? Answer: You don't, really, you go from section to section, not really looking closely at any of them, and probably missing the books you do want and coming home with some that turn out to be not so great.

So yeah. Knitting and watching TV.
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Dan took the girls out tonight; a friend was having a bonfire, and if the weather cooperates they'll go out smelting later on. So I have been home alone, first time in a while, sheer bliss :).

-- I'm alone. No one is asking me to zip their coat, or asking me what they can eat and then not liking any of my suggestions (an apple? a sandwich?) because what they really want is a Pop-Tart. No one is talking to me. (A big woo-hoo to that!)

-- I've got music on. I've been playing Garbage and The Cranberries. (For most of my life I apparently tended to prefer men's voices, but lately I've really had a craving to listen to women. Then again, I'm old enough that for a lot of my life, most of the music out there was sung by men. So it could just be statistics.) Listening to Garbage always cheers me up, which probably sounds kind of weird now that I think about it :).

-- I am eating Triscuits with cheddar cheese melted on top. (And no one is asking me to give them any. Not that I'm selfish, but sometimes it's nice not to share :))

--I wrote a prayer tonight. (Due to everyone being gone; I have an awful time writing when anyone is around. They always talk to me. :P) I feel much better now.
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I was planning to spend the day writing but I think I'm feeling a bit writ out after yesterday.

It doesn't help that the next god on my list is one I have some difficulty connecting with in any case. (Bad excuse, that one--when I know that doing the writing in the first place is one of the best ways for me to develop that connection.)

Or that I got sidetracked this morning on the internet and haven't settled down to serious thought yet. (Also a bad excuse, in that it just means I am too easily distracted, "Ooooh, look, shiny things!")

But if I'm going to start feeling guilty about what I get done on my weekend off... Hell, if I want to spend the whole time playing Avernum and reading LJ, I should do it!
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Dan took both girls to the SCA event (it's fairly close), so I've had a day to myself. And where did I go? Wal-Mart, where else? Art supplies for the girls :) and an Alice in Chains CD for me because I'm tired of waiting to hear "Heaven Beside You" on the radio, now I can play it until I'm sick of it. Then I ate at KFC (no one else is particularly fond of it, it's my own guilty pleasure), came home, ate ice cream out of the container (Edy's, some chocolate-peanut butter thing--again, no one likes it but me :)). Man, almost a whole free day and I do nothing useful!
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A quiet house. How did I wake this morning?

Well, I can tell you how I didn't wake:

Door slam followed by small feet running.
4-year-old: "Mommy!"
8-year-old: "She's sleeping, don't wake her up."
4-year-old, in a stage whisper: "Mommy!"

(That, btw, was how I woke yesterday. :))

I stayed up last night and got started assembling the quilt top. Looks very cool so far! :) I'm hoping to make good progress on it before the girls' vacation is over.
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Elder daughter received her promised hamster today, and damn, those things really do spend all their waking time running in that wheel. Cute little thing, apparently it's a really big hamster as well. Never had one myself (sniff) although we did have a remarkably short-lived gerbil when I was a kid.

Everyone else went out tonight and I was able to spend 3 1/2 blessed hours all alone here, with loud music playing and no one here to complain. Rejuvenating :).
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