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Yesterday's PBP post got me thinking about the five gods whose images have been on my altar for years but who haven't made it into my daily devotions yet, because sometimes I am lame. I am hereby and officially adding them.

Ariadne, quick-witted and wise, who knows much
of love and of loss, I praise and honor you.

Heracles, stout and stalwart son of thundering Zeus,
able one, of might unmatched, I praise and honor you.

Hebe, good and gracious goddess, honored one who bears
the ambrosial cup, I praise and honor you.

Bright-crowned Helios, master of the fiery wain,
the feverish steeds before it, I praise and honor you.

Selene of the night sky, who bears the crescent
on her brow, watchful one, I praise and honor you.

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Goddess, I offer you my fear,
the nameless, baseless terrors
that rise in the dark, in the light,
with no warning. I offer you
the long late nights, the days when sleep
is rest and hiding place in one,
for courage is yours to grant, O goddess.

Goddess, I offer you my weakness,
my shrinking world, the limits
that cling like moss to a stone.
I offer you those things I once did
with ease but do no longer,
my long-lost trust in my own might,
for strength is yours to grant, O goddess.

Goddess, I offer you my lies,
the tales I've told to ease my way,
the pretty stories, nearly so,
the truly false, the falsely true,
the memories that flex with time,
I offer you all self-deceit,
for truth is yours to grant, O goddess.
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To Wepwawet, Opener of the Ways, I offer my praise.
O great god who stands at the fore of the sun-barque,
watchful and wary one, first to set foot on hostile ground,
first to go forth into battle, warder of the standard-bearer,
companion of kings, bearer of the cudgel and the shaft,
piercer of flesh, crusher of bone, you walk with the seeker
and the wanderer, you follow the unseen path, you unlatch
the hidden door. Well honored you were in Asyut, city of wolves,
O Wepwawet of the keen eye and the sharp tooth; well known
you are by those who seize the gifts of life, the joy and the sorrow,
the flood and the drought, the chance firmly taken, the risk understood.
Yours are those who search, within and without; yours are those who strive
and fail, who strive and succeed, who look beyond the garden wall
into the wilderness beyond. Teach me to stand firm-rooted,
to bend with the wind; grant to me your wisdom and your grace.


Aug. 26th, 2011 12:59 am
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UllR of the northern lands, UllR of the cold
and the stinging wind, bow-god, hunting-god,
deer-stalker, sharp-eyed tracker of bird and beast.
We welcome you, we welcome your strength, we welcome
your season. UllR, glory of the gods, bearer
of the oathring, master of bright-halled Ydalir
that stands among the green-boughed yew, rune-master,
son of Sif, elf-friend, wise and prudent chief. Grant us skill
and silence as we step on crusted snow, grant to us
a season safe from harm. Hail to lordly UllR!


Aug. 26th, 2011 12:58 am
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Bright-eyed Skadhi, daughter of the mountain-giant,
child of the snow and ice, wood-roaming goddess,
firm of footing, firm of purpose, firm of will.
We welcome you, we welcome your strength, we welcome
your season. Skadhi of the cold, shrill winds, the darkened
skies, the frozen earth, Skadhi of sharpened shafts
and feathered flights, stout-armed bow-woman, sure
of hand and sturdy of heart. Grant to us a keen eye
and a steady hand, grant to us full freezers
and safe journeys. Hail to Skadhi! Hail winter's maid!

Ready for Winter Finding early this year!


Aug. 24th, 2011 05:33 pm
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Mighty Frigga, home of the heart, heart of the home,
lady of shining Fensalir, holder of hard truths,
you know the world and how it works, you know its folk,
you call us to do what we can, to do what we should.
Like a wise gardener, you know best the way to tend
each single seed. Like a good mother, you know best
the way to nurse each child, to kindle in their hearts
the fire of ambition, to teach them to dream
and to strive, to hold their hand, to nourish their soul.
Frigga, goddess of community, you grant to us
purpose, you grant to us hope, you guide us as we
find our way in the cold world. Goddess of common sense,
in reason and in judgment we see your hand; in wit
and in insight we know your wisdom; in foresight
and in feeling we hear your voice. Hail to Frigga!
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Hail to the Vans! Knowing ones, ancient ones, mighty ones
who in elder times broke down the walls of Asgard,
who trampled and tore the very field of battle,
who found in the noble Aesir an even match,
a wise accord, a balanced realm of friend and peer.
From Vanaheim your line arose--fair Vanaheim,
land of green mead and quiet wood, of waters deep
and barrows long enclosed. To bright-halled Asgard
came you four--Nerthus and Njord, Freyja and Frey--
to join your might with the fair Aesir, to share
with them your knowledge and your wisdom, to bring
to that land a lusty nature and a merry heart.
Farsighted gods of the Vanir, we thank you for
the roots that dig into the earth, for the black soil
beneath our feet and the seed that lies so deep within,
for the food we eat, for the daughters and sons
who bring joy to our lives and strength to our kin,
for each and every beat of our heart--for all this,
dear Vanir, we thank you. Hail the gods who bring life
to our lives! Hail the gods of shining Vanaheim!

For the Vanir blot during Superior Heathen Gathering.


Sep. 17th, 2005 08:15 pm
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Hail Idunna, fair bride of long-bearded Bragi,
generous goddess, holder of the sweet fruit of youth.
Your might sustains the strength and vigor of the gods,
your beauty and spirit lend light and life to Asgard.
Cherished by the Aesir, coveted and sought
by envious giants, your presence a blessing,
your absence a grief, your theft a treachery.
Idunna, shining goddess, renewer of life:
in the seasons' change from cold to warm and back again;
in flowers that grow and fade, one after the other;
in trees that blossom, bear bright fruit, drop their brilliant leaves;
in faith that all will grow and be again, we know you.


Sep. 16th, 2005 03:02 pm
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Hail to Heimdall, watchful guardian of broad Bifrost,
son of the nine mothers, son of the cresting waves,
master of Himminbjorg, rider of swift Gulltopp,
wakeful holder of the world-piercing Gjallarhorn,
restorer to Freyja of peerless Brisingamen,
wary opponent and final foe of Loki.
Brilliant Heimdall, father of men, teacher of runes,
far-seeing and fore-seeing gatherer of facts,
clear-headed and diligent, trustworthy warder,
exacting friend of those who seek learning and lore,
stern and straight-backed defender of order,
you sustain the ideal, you drive the intellect.


Sep. 16th, 2005 03:01 pm
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Hail to Bragi, old one, kind one, finest of skalds!
Long-bearded As, quick of temper and of tongue.
wise one who knows when and how and of what to tell,
canny one who sees clearly and speaks with direction,
Husband of fair Idunna, provider of youth
to all Asgard; kind patron of poets and bards,
of those who sing and play in hall or hof. Bragi,
master of verse, rune-tongued weaver of many tales,
you grant to mortal men the gift of eloquence,
of rhetoric, of fiery prose, of ease and grace,
of freely-flowing words, of a firm grasp of meaning:
Bragi, we thank you, and ask your favor. Hail Bragi!


Sep. 12th, 2005 03:06 am
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Hail to UllR, son of Sif, glory of the gods!
Best of hunters, best of trackers, best of bow-men,
we ask your favor in this bitter season,
we ask your guidance as we seek our quarry,
we ask your wisdom as we make our way.
Grant us cunning, grant us vigor, grant us strength.
May our judgment be fine, our will firm, our wit quick.
We see you in the brilliant, shifting northern sky,
in shadows cast by thin-limbed trees, in days more dark
than light. We know you in fingers numbed, in hunger eased,
in hair made crisp with ice. UllR, god of the north,
god of the long winter, we welcome you. Hail UllR!


Sep. 12th, 2005 03:00 am
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Hail to Skadhi, fair bride of gods! Shining Skadhi,
strong is your sword-arm, deadly your blade. Thiazi's child,
vengeance-seeker, bold of spirit, clear of mind,
taker of wergild, woman of worth. Brave Skadhi,
keen-eyed huntress, your arrows swift, your aim unerring,
guide us in our hunting. Steady our hands, goddess,
quiet our footsteps, open our eyes. Winter's maid,
snowshoe goddess, surefooted on slick black ice,
ward us on our travels, keep us safe from storms.
In bitter cold, in knife-sharp winds, we feel your touch;
in bare trees sheathed in gleaming ice, in snows so white
they burn our eyes, we see your beauty. Hail Skadhi!
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A long-overdue thank offering to Asklepios:

Hail Asklepios, granter of good health,
doctor with no peer, you grant us relief
from pain and hurt, from sickness and plague.
Son of Koronis and bright Apollo,
father of compassionate Hygeia,
your touch brings us ease, your words, wisdom.
In sleep we seek your aid and advice,
in dreams we gain healing and direction.
Asklepios, patron of physicians,
we honor you with prayers and libations,
we honor you as well with our bodies,
with our efforts to keep fit and healthy.
O Asklepios, greatest of healers,
friend of mankind, we praise and honor you.

To Njord

Jun. 21st, 2005 01:38 am
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Hail to Njord, elder Van, father of golden Freyja
and brave Frey, husband of mountain-loving Skadhi.
Shore-dwelling god, lord of high-walled Noatun,
the crash of waves on smooth-worn rock, the white sea-foam,
the ocean depths as black as any moonless night,
the shrill cries of greedy gulls--all are dear to you.
Fair weather and safe harbor your gifts to seamen,
gold to provide home and hearth your gifts to all men.
Wise one, kind one, giver of blessings small and great,
of wealth with which to live well from the earth's bounty,
of land on which to keep our families safe and whole,
of trust and faith that our needs will be met: Hail Njord!

Actually, I started this one a few days ago, but Tyr's and Skadhi's prayers finished first.

To Skadhi

Jun. 20th, 2005 05:04 pm
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Hail to Skadhi, snow-shoe goddess, child of Thiazi,
seeker of vengeance, claimer of weregild, etin-bride,
in winter we know you in crisp-crusted snow,
in slick black ice, in knife-sharp winds, in bone-deep cold.
In summer we know you still in cold cloudless nights,
in close-grown woods, in shadowed clearings thick with moss,
in bright wild eyes flashing from the dark roadside.
Skadhi, wife of great Njord, companion of UllR,
brave huntsman with whom you share the wilderness,
kinswoman of shining Gerd, whose beauty compelled
the love of noble Frey. Skadhi, northern goddess,
wolf-friend, mountain-dweller, clear-minded one: Hail Skadhi!

To Tyr

Jun. 19th, 2005 08:58 pm
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Hail to Tyr, bravest of gods, guardian of the word,
keeper of honor, builder of the best of men,
upholder of the common good, of home and kin,
you give all that is needed, your thought not of self
but of all who rely on your wise decisions.
Tyr, maintainer of what is right, of what is best,
of what keeps those within safe and free from fear,
severe one, looking always toward the truly just,
only with hearts clean and clear may we call on you,
for those who seek your justice will gain your judgment.
Tyr, ancient one, worthy one, held throughout the worlds
in highest regard, mindful one, careful one: Hail Tyr!

To Freyja

Jun. 18th, 2005 06:03 pm
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Hail to Freyja, fair holder of Brisingamen,
mistress of cats, lover of Ottar, wife of Od,
child of noble Njord, sister of deep-hearted Frey.
Wielder of great magics, taker of battle-slain,
great Vanadis, your might is known throughout the worlds
and is felt throughout the lives of men and women.
We know you in love and need, in the heart's sharp edge,
in the depth of passion, in the clarity of pain,
each tender moment a gift, each agony
a lesson, each fall into passion a prayer
to Freyja, whose tears of gold fall for love long lost,
who knows her children like no other. Hail Freyja!

To Frey

Jun. 18th, 2005 02:59 pm
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Hail to Frey, fair Vanic lord, holder of Alfheim,
son of seafaring Njord, brother of bright Freyja.
Frey, much-loved god, provider of peace and plenty,
open-hearted one, drawn by instinct, by passion's fires,
who knows love's true value, a prize worth any price.
Mighty in battle, rich in the gifts of the earth,
lender of strength to the farmer's back, of profit
to his stead, of luck to his household. Ingvi-Frey,
giver of frith to mankind, of fruit to the land,
of the pleasure of bodies, of lust pure and clear,
of touch and taste and scent. Through your might we survive,
through your good will we grow and thrive. Hail Frey!

To Sif

Jun. 17th, 2005 03:19 am
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Hail to Sif, treasure of Asgard, beloved of Thor,
peerless prize sought in vain by greedy giant-kind,
whose hair of true gold falls to earth in bright waves.
Mother of brave UllR and beautiful Trude,
fair goddess whose might draws life from the soil,
warder of folk and kin, in you we know the heart
of family close by and long gone, in you we find
solace in despair, faith and hope within chaos,
a soft and gentle touch, a refuge from the storm.
Shining Sif, far-seeing one, wise one who knows much,
ancient one, kind one, protector of children,
frith-weaver, peace-bringer, holder of the home. Hail Sif!

To Thor

Jun. 14th, 2005 03:06 pm
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Hail to Thor, red-bearded warder, wielder of sky-fire,
oak-splitter, thunderer, stout holder of Mjollnir.
Friend Thor, trusted protector of men and women,
of those who journey far from home among strangers,
guardian of Asgard and Midgard both, we call to you
to keep us safe, to watch over our children,
to support our own best efforts and lend your strength
where our own may fail. Thor, keeper of the border,
of the line between those within and those without;
ever wise in the world's ways, tireless traveller
through lands fair and foul, of friend and foe alike;
seeker of the direct path, the sure road. Hail Thor!
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