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Tomorrow we've got the Frigga study, which I'm looking forward to. Frigga is probably the deity I find most problematic to deal with personally (I guess it's inevitable that when you've got a pantheon, there'll be one that's harder to relate to), which I know means that I ought to focus on her more, not less. :)

Tonight I'm working on a quilt, and having myself a little 1930s Mummy marathon, starting with the 1932 Boris Karloff version.
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The weather is confused. It's October, and yet the temperatures have been in the 70s for the last few weeks. If it's going to do that I wish it would wait until Halloween, so the kids can go trick-or-treating without winter coats on over their costumes for a change!

Dan and Julia had planned to go to a heathen gathering in Duluth this weekend, but he injured his back on Thursday so that didn't work out, and he's been home trying to rest.

Have heard recently that the Troth's lore program will be starting up next year, which is exciting news. It's absolutely something I'm interested in, but I have the sense to know that I'm absolutely not up for it right now. Someone please kick me if it looks like I'm trying to change my mind on that, okay? :)

So I've been quilting some; till working on that red-and-white sampler (hey, it's a king-sized quilt, even finishing the quilting up takes time, and I've still got a side and a half to do), but I've got the next one 9a swap quilt in homespun plaids) ready to go when I'm done. Actually, when the red one is done I'm going to bind it, and then bind the other two unbound quilts that have been waiting. Did I mention I'm using purchased bias binding for these now? Yeah, I suck. But it's awesome binding, and made from marbled fabric, so it's very forgiving stuff.

I've also been doing some writing, off and on, posting what I come up with so I guess you knew that.
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Lake effect snow warning, and the snow is indeed coming down, apparently you can't make it up the hill by our house without plowing it with your front bumper. Supposed to slow down by 6, I guess we'll see.

I'm gradually catching up on my piled-up email. The challenge will be to keep it from stacking like that again.

And I'm quilting again. Been so cold it's a shame to waste the time doing anything else (I can catch up with my knitting when it warms up again). Still the Schoolhouse. Still can't get my stitches to look like anything civilized!
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I put more quilt pics up here, but I don't think I'm going to get them all up tonight--slooooooow dial-up, bleh!

It's been a good excuse to get out all my quilts and look at them!

While doing this, I was watching some thing on the National Geographic Channel (I think) about people rebuilding Stonehenge out of lightweight materials. They had a bit where some British Druids did a ritual there. Of course they didn't show the whole thing, but they did show the part where they called to the directions/elements, and the part where they said "So mote it be." I'm not that familiar with British Druidry--is that usual? Or is it just that group?
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So I'm on my way to bed last night, and what do I find on the floor by the piano? The missing thread. This after I spent hours preparing the next quilt to go.

Well, I'm going to keep going on the Schoolhouse quilt. Fan quilting is fairly quick, especially since I used the pattern where the fan blands are 2 1/2 inches apart! (A little wide, but should hold together. Unless I decide to eyeball extra lines, which I might, or I might not, I haven't decided. It would look better and it wouldn't add all that much time to the total... then again, it looks fine as is. Sigh.) Then I'll get back to the other one.
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Yes, the quilting is done! (Yes, I stayed up until 4:30 AM working on it...) The quilt isn't finished, I need to put on the binding, but the quilting is finished, and that's so cool!
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Hey, I might have a chance of finishing this by the end of the year, even including (ick) binding. (Binding is only "ick" because I have to use the sewing machine to make the binding and attach it to the front of the quilt before I blind-stitch it to the back by hand. Machine sewing is stressful and exasperating. Hand sewing is relaxing and pleasant.)
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Yule quilt progress as of today: 56/64

I'm so not tired. Long nap. Dan has also had a long nap, hope he turns it into a long night of sleep.

I'm just about done with holiday shopping (yay!).

The girls have only a week of holiday break this year, presumably because they started later than usual (after Labor Day). :( Not a fun thing, I'd rather have them home longer. (Possibly I will change my mind on that poing if they don't quite squabbling after Giftmas...)

I'm less tired now, therefore more cheerful. :)

I had an awesome Yule but I'm sure glad we only do that once a year!
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Not a lot of progress today, but the block I'm working on is a pain in the butt to quilt through. Someone machine-appliqued it, possibly using some sort of interfacing (bleh!). They also used invisible thread (also bleh!). It looks nice, though. Just it's like quilting through leather. A machine-quilter wouldn't even notice it, I'm sure, but I'm a hand-quilter :).
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Yule is this weekend. So much to think about before then! :)
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I'm guessing the progress will be slowing soon. Depending on the blocks, I suppose.


Dec. 8th, 2005 11:22 pm
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December 9 Yule quilt progress: 37/64.

You know, I just haven't had much to say lately.

I got to see my favorite Monty Python skit tonight, the one about The Llama :).


Dec. 5th, 2005 01:21 pm
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Mornings suck. Therefore I'm writing in the afternoon :).

The kids had a 90-minute delay today but had school; looking out the window, I'd say they shouldn't have, but that's me and I'm not going out the door.

Today, ordered a copy of [livejournal.com profile] sannion's new book (located here) which you should probably buy :); even if you don't have Hellenic leanings, it looks like there's a something thought-provoking in there for anyone who's involved in reviving/reconstructing ancient faith. Also he writes good :).

I am considering joining a quilt block exchange and trying to talk myself out of it. I haven't done one since 2001.


Dec. 5th, 2005 01:02 am
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December 4 Yule quilt progress: 28/64!

I just realized today that I have less than two weeks to prepare the blots for Yule (blot to Frey, blot to Odin, ought to prepare something brief for sunset and sunrise but I do have things from past years that we could use).

Snow warning from now until tomorrow night, supposedly 3-7 inches tonight and another 5-10 tomorrow, so not a huge storm.
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(Btw, I realize that there's not a lot of quilting interest on my Flist; this is in great part so that I can keep track of how much I can actually do. :))
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As of December 1, 21/64 blocks done.
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As of November 30, I'm at 20/64.


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