To Sif

Sep. 23rd, 2006 01:03 pm
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Hail to Sif, warm-hearted bride of red Thor,
frith-weaving goddess whose hair of bright gold
lights any room, any land, any season.
Sif, none more fair walks the halls of the gods,
none more kind, none more necessary,
goddess whose might supports all existence,
your power coveted by many foes,
defended by all within the walls
of Asgard, honored by all who depend
on your strength and goodness for our lives.
Sif, bringer of bounty, provider
of rich harvests, of fields flowing with grain,
of trees heavy with fruit, of a winter's worth
of meat and bread, our survival resting
in your soft, sturdy hands. Shining goddess,
we thank you each day for your many gifts,
for our prosperity, for our lives.
Hail to Sif! Hail the giver of good!

To Sif

Feb. 5th, 2006 04:09 pm
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Hail to Sif! Shining one, gentle one, bride of Thor,
of dwarven gold your hair was forged, a treasure
of unparalleled worth, of might beyond telling.
Sif, kind-hearted goddess, provider of plenty,
of growth, of new green leaves on sun-warmed branches,
of sweet-scented roses, grapes thick on their vines,
of trees heavy with fruit, gardens rich with produce,
of the harvest's long days of labor, sweat repaid
with food enough to last throughout the winter.
Glorious Sif, home-loving one, defender of family,
of community, of bonds of love and friendship,
maintainer of precious frith, granter of great gifts,
we thank you for security, for steadfastness,
for safety and sufficiency. Bright-haired goddess,
clever one whose soft words and soothing voice
can still a storm of savagery, we thank you for
your many blessings, for your calming influence,
for your warmth and kindness to desperate hearts.
Sif, nourisher of body and soul, we honor you.

To Sif

Jun. 17th, 2005 03:19 am
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Hail to Sif, treasure of Asgard, beloved of Thor,
peerless prize sought in vain by greedy giant-kind,
whose hair of true gold falls to earth in bright waves.
Mother of brave UllR and beautiful Trude,
fair goddess whose might draws life from the soil,
warder of folk and kin, in you we know the heart
of family close by and long gone, in you we find
solace in despair, faith and hope within chaos,
a soft and gentle touch, a refuge from the storm.
Shining Sif, far-seeing one, wise one who knows much,
ancient one, kind one, protector of children,
frith-weaver, peace-bringer, holder of the home. Hail Sif!


Aug. 23rd, 2004 01:19 pm
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I've been looking (rather half-heartedly, as I was pretty sure the task was hopeless) for a pendant representing Sif. Well, unsurprisingly, there isn't one, not one that I've been able to locate in any case. But I did find one that works wonderfully--it's supposed to be Brigid, but you would never know it without someone telling you that was the artist's intent, and to me it looks like Sif--long braids turning into "Celtic" knotwork. Yep, happy me! :)


Sep. 22nd, 2003 09:41 pm
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Hail to fair Sif, gentle bride of friend Thor,
mother of brave UllR and comely Trude.
Beautiful you are, your hair of fine gold
a treasure of unsurpassed value and need.
Guardian you are, Sif of the rowan-tree,
staunch protector of home and family.
Kind-hearted you are, life-loving goddess,
peace and plenty your gifts to humankind.
Wise you are, with eyes of a seeress,
all things dark and hidden are clear to you.
Gracious lady, we thank you for your gifts,
the heavy-fruited trees, the fields of grain.
Sif, golden-haired granter of rich harvests,
shining goddess of hearth and kin--Hail Sif!
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Hail to Thor, strong-armed wielder of Mjollnir,
whose might is well-known to friend and to foe,
who guards the lands of gods and men alike.
Great Thor, mightiest of all the Aesir;
friend Thor, who we turn to in time of need;
Thor, who joys in feasting and fellowship!
Thor we honor! Thor we praise! Hail to Thor!

Hail to Sif, golden-haired bride of red Thor,
whose beauty and goodness are known to all,
whose touch brings life to our cold northern lands.
Fair Sif, whose tales are yet unknown to us;
gentle Sif, provider of fruitfulness;
Sif, who holds the heart of red-bearded Thor!
Sif we honor! Sif we praise! Hail to Sif!

We decided that this year we would have each of us prepare something in honor of those gods we are particularly fond of. I'm looking forward to seeing what the other folks have come up with!
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