Tiny rant

Jul. 30th, 2006 01:26 pm
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Yahoo has finally done it.

They have finally added so much crap and so many different "services" that they are just about unusable as a web directory.

I am done with Yahoo. I am open to any suggestions as to a good web directory...


May. 3rd, 2006 04:19 pm
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I'm still here, just busy. Going to take a break from busy to get Saturday's May Day blot together. :)

Weather = good (i.e. snow is gone). Kids = good (i.e. counting down the days of school left to them). Me = good (i.e. mostly healthy/happy).

I'm still trying to read my Flist once a day, but probably won't be commenting much for a while. Or posting, unless I come across a particularly tempting meme :).
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We are currently without internet at home, and I'm not sure how long it will be until we get it back (hopefully not too long but I'm trying not to anticipate, and it could be a while).

I'm writing this on a borrowed computer, and I unfortunately don't have time to read my Flist at the moment, but I hope you're all doing well, are in excellent health and have each won the lottery in your respective states.

I won't have regular access to email, either, but if you need to reach me that's probably marginally more reliable.

It's been years since I've been offline for any appreciable amount of time (apart from vacations). Hope to see you all again soon :).


Mar. 11th, 2006 07:32 pm
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I'm probably not going to be online as much as usual for a bit. Just saying :).

Tiny rant

Mar. 2nd, 2006 01:56 pm
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I've just done a search including the word "faining" and discovered that most of the hits were actually cases of people misspelling "feigning". I make no claims of having perfect spelling, but anyone who's at all familiar with English should know that you can't assume that the way a word sounds is the way it's spelled.

People of the internet: using big words will only impress if you also know how to spell them.
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Lake effect snow warning, and the snow is indeed coming down, apparently you can't make it up the hill by our house without plowing it with your front bumper. Supposed to slow down by 6, I guess we'll see.

I'm gradually catching up on my piled-up email. The challenge will be to keep it from stacking like that again.

And I'm quilting again. Been so cold it's a shame to waste the time doing anything else (I can catch up with my knitting when it warms up again). Still the Schoolhouse. Still can't get my stitches to look like anything civilized!

Damn it!

Feb. 17th, 2006 05:30 pm
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So I have no idea when this happened, but I've just discovered that at some point Yahoogroups changed every single group I belong to to delivering email in html. I've got an old computer. I've got an old email client. A lot of email sent in html is pretty much invisible.

::returns to changing it back by hand, one at a time!::

EDIT: Okay, so apparently you can set this for all your groups at once. Fine. Still doesn't forgive them changing it on me. And of course I didn't discover this until after I was half done changing them one by one... :P
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I'm catching up on some email today. One of those things that's always "it can wait"--because generally it can--until there's so much that it's a feat to get it read. While I don't think I strictly need to read everything that hits my mailbox every day, I also don't want it to pile up to the extent it did before.

The weather, unseasonably hot over the last 4-5 days, finally cooled off (rain, which we needed).

Yesterday I went to do laundry (we wash at the laundromat due to not wanting to strain the well, and dry at home, which is tolerable) after going to the gym, and walked over to the florist where I bought a yellow rose to put on the heathen altar for Freyja. I'm not usually a fan of yellow roses--yellow anything, really--but this one was so bright that I had to choose it.

I'm working on stuff.
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I've been trying to get through a lot of accumulated email from mailing lists. See, when I download my email, my good friend Outlook Express sorts it into different folders. Each mailing list has its own folder. I read my inbox (the main folder where non-list mail goes) every day, with only occasional lapses, but many of the other folders I am less likely to read regularly. I had no idea just how sporadic my list-reading had become, though--yes, some lists had been read recently, but some had unread messages dating back to May or June (and in one case late April).

The good thing about reading old email is that you don't even have to think about responding to any of it because the conversations ended long ago. The bad thing about reading old email is that once in a while you realize you missed something important. (Doesn't happen often, which I suppose says something but I'm not quite sure what.)

Anyway, enough true confessions.

I stayed up until 4 this morning, watching Turner Classic Movies; they specialize in actual old movies (unlike American Movie Classics, which has apparently decided that nothing made prior to 1975 is worth watching, and mainly seems to focus on the 90s). Even the occasional silent or foreign film. Last night they showed a German movie from 1943 called Munchausen. Since I enjoyed the relatively more recent film on the same theme (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen) I was going to watch this one--and it was a pretty good movie, definitely a movie of its era, but imaginative and nicely done, very entertaining. (I guess I have to read the stories the movies were based on at some point.) Just as interesting was the history behind it (there's always commentary before and after movies on TCM)--the movie was commissioned by Joseph Goebbels, who was impressed with all the fantasy films coming out around then (Wizard of Oz and so forth) and wanted one made in Germany. But (unlike many films made under the Nazi regime) the filmmakers were left alone to create for the most part, and there's apparently no propaganda or political content in the film. Definitely worth a watch if you get the chance.

I am trying, as a personal thing, to discipline myself to write at least six lines every day of heathen devotional prayer. We'll see how well this works in the long run :).
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All right, for ages I've gone to RecipeSource for all my "I need a recipe!" needs, with other sites secondary, but my primary recipe-searching site is now AllRecipes.

Because of the awesome search function.

I wanted to find a recipe for this amazing salad I had at a potluck last year--has broccoli, raisins, and bacon--and I found a whole page of variants of this really odd dish, just by searching on ingredients. How cool is that?
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I've started to go through the mailing-list email I've accumulated over the last...well, I was reading messages from back in May in some of my folders (I have mailing-list mail filtered into separate folders). You know, I used to always be caught up. Always. And over the last few days I've read through 600+ messages in some of my folders (granted that I'll delete some topics unread but still...) And I do always read my inbox--all the things that come to me personally--but the mailing-list emails pile up.

I stay caught up with Livejournal...
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Since I can't seem to get my email read regularly, I'm going nomail on a bunch of my mailing lists. Not that I'm real vocal on them anyway.
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I haven't checked my email much over the last few days, so if you sent me something pressing, please let me know.
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I finally made the chicken soup today--wonderful stuff, homemade egg noodles, but every time I make them I remember just why I don't make them more often than I do. In addition, making them so rarely means that every time it's a revelation that egg noodles have not just eggs but EGGS!--more eggs than I'm strictly comfortable putting into anything that isn't brownies :).

But that's okay, I also made chocolate chip cookies. Only two eggs in chocolate chip cookies. Clearly the healthier option.

We watched the Barbarian stuff on the History Channel tonight. The part on the Vikings wasn't bad, but the part on the Goths didn't seem to have as much solid content as one would like. Plus I kept being distracted by the phenomenally bad hairpiece worn by one of the experts-in-the-field. I don't think I'm all that shallow but when it looks like you lacquered your hair to your head, it's an unfortunate thing. Then again, I was working on a quilt while I was watching and likely not paying close attention, so maybe I shouldn't criticize :).

The new ISP seems to be mostly an improvement. The connection speed is much better (we're actually getting 56 now) and not only is there someone there when you call tech support (I think I mentioned Dan's 2 1/2-hour wait with the old one before he gave up), they seem to know what they're talking about.

And I've got a little over a chapter left to read in Road to Hel. I'll want to read it again, it's been such a good read that I find myself reading instead of studying :).
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I was planning to spend the day writing but I think I'm feeling a bit writ out after yesterday.

It doesn't help that the next god on my list is one I have some difficulty connecting with in any case. (Bad excuse, that one--when I know that doing the writing in the first place is one of the best ways for me to develop that connection.)

Or that I got sidetracked this morning on the internet and haven't settled down to serious thought yet. (Also a bad excuse, in that it just means I am too easily distracted, "Ooooh, look, shiny things!")

But if I'm going to start feeling guilty about what I get done on my weekend off... Hell, if I want to spend the whole time playing Avernum and reading LJ, I should do it!
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