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The weather is confused. It's October, and yet the temperatures have been in the 70s for the last few weeks. If it's going to do that I wish it would wait until Halloween, so the kids can go trick-or-treating without winter coats on over their costumes for a change!

Dan and Julia had planned to go to a heathen gathering in Duluth this weekend, but he injured his back on Thursday so that didn't work out, and he's been home trying to rest.

Have heard recently that the Troth's lore program will be starting up next year, which is exciting news. It's absolutely something I'm interested in, but I have the sense to know that I'm absolutely not up for it right now. Someone please kick me if it looks like I'm trying to change my mind on that, okay? :)

So I've been quilting some; till working on that red-and-white sampler (hey, it's a king-sized quilt, even finishing the quilting up takes time, and I've still got a side and a half to do), but I've got the next one 9a swap quilt in homespun plaids) ready to go when I'm done. Actually, when the red one is done I'm going to bind it, and then bind the other two unbound quilts that have been waiting. Did I mention I'm using purchased bias binding for these now? Yeah, I suck. But it's awesome binding, and made from marbled fabric, so it's very forgiving stuff.

I've also been doing some writing, off and on, posting what I come up with so I guess you knew that.
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Lake effect snow warning, and the snow is indeed coming down, apparently you can't make it up the hill by our house without plowing it with your front bumper. Supposed to slow down by 6, I guess we'll see.

I'm gradually catching up on my piled-up email. The challenge will be to keep it from stacking like that again.

And I'm quilting again. Been so cold it's a shame to waste the time doing anything else (I can catch up with my knitting when it warms up again). Still the Schoolhouse. Still can't get my stitches to look like anything civilized!
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I'm working on making food for New Year's Eve; starting with a chocolate pound cake (it's my favorite recipe,the one that all too often collapses into an inverted volcano, but it's yummy so try, try again...). Can't make anything else until Dan gets home with the ingredients, so I'm taking a break after cleaning off the kitchen counters (within reason).

Winter snow advisory tonight, supposed to be over tomorrow at 6 AM. Up to 5 inches, they say (we often get more where we are).


Dec. 5th, 2005 01:21 pm
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Mornings suck. Therefore I'm writing in the afternoon :).

The kids had a 90-minute delay today but had school; looking out the window, I'd say they shouldn't have, but that's me and I'm not going out the door.

Today, ordered a copy of [livejournal.com profile] sannion's new book (located here) which you should probably buy :); even if you don't have Hellenic leanings, it looks like there's a something thought-provoking in there for anyone who's involved in reviving/reconstructing ancient faith. Also he writes good :).

I am considering joining a quilt block exchange and trying to talk myself out of it. I haven't done one since 2001.


Dec. 5th, 2005 01:02 am
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December 4 Yule quilt progress: 28/64!

I just realized today that I have less than two weeks to prepare the blots for Yule (blot to Frey, blot to Odin, ought to prepare something brief for sunset and sunrise but I do have things from past years that we could use).

Snow warning from now until tomorrow night, supposedly 3-7 inches tonight and another 5-10 tomorrow, so not a huge storm.
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Winter storm watch, Wednesday eve through Friday morning. Snowfall accumulations of 5 to 10 inches are expected Wednesday night... with similar accumulations possible Thursday and Thursday night. In addition to the snowfall... north winds of 20 to 30 mph with frequent gusts to 40 mph will create blizzard conditions in the watch area. I don't think we would be going anywhere then anyway.

But Dan got the new tire on my car, so I could if I wanted to.

Still coughing, been holding steady over the last 3-4 days (no worse but no better). Which puts me in good company, I know a lot of folks who have plateaued similarly. My voice is starting to go, I think.

Nothing exciting going on right now. Obviously. :)
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It's not really winter until the first storm, and we're likely to have one tonight. According to the weather service we're due 6-10 inches tonight and another 4-6 tomorrow during the day. Supposed to be heaviest right where we're located. I plan not to go anywhere if I can avoid it, which I think I can. Pouring out a horn to Skadhi this evening might be a nice idea :).
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I'm catching up on some email today. One of those things that's always "it can wait"--because generally it can--until there's so much that it's a feat to get it read. While I don't think I strictly need to read everything that hits my mailbox every day, I also don't want it to pile up to the extent it did before.

The weather, unseasonably hot over the last 4-5 days, finally cooled off (rain, which we needed).

Yesterday I went to do laundry (we wash at the laundromat due to not wanting to strain the well, and dry at home, which is tolerable) after going to the gym, and walked over to the florist where I bought a yellow rose to put on the heathen altar for Freyja. I'm not usually a fan of yellow roses--yellow anything, really--but this one was so bright that I had to choose it.

I'm working on stuff.
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At the gym today, I learned that the latest hurricane (Rita) was up to a Category 4 (they keep a television on either Fox News or CNN, today it was the former but the coverage wasn't particularly annoying, so I guess a hurricanes is a hurricane); just looked at Yahoo News and see that it's a 5. Folks on my FL have been talking about it, some from a frighteningly close vantage point (hope you guys all keep safe!).

When I watch TV, it's usually late at night and it's usually documentaries. Discovery, Discovery Times, Science Channel, History Channel, History International, National Geographic Channel. (I <3 my DirecTV... :)) They have all been really heavy on the Scary Weather shows lately, which is unsurprising. There was a show on the hurricane that hit Galveston in 1900, scary stuff. Hell, they've already got shows on Katrina out, which seems a little quick and inevitably incomplete, but whatever.

Anyway, on some show on one of these channels, someone (an expert of some sort) was saying that his theory is that we are at the end of an unusually mild period (of centuries?) when it comes to storms in the Gulf. I haven't heard that elsewhere, and I'm not sure that the weather patterns really support this, but it's hard to tell because the coverage is so much more detailed these days.
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It's so hot that I just swiped the extension cord for the lamp in the reading corner so that I could use it to position a fan right by the computer. Giving up reading for cool air, that's major. That's how hot it is.


Feb. 28th, 2005 09:01 pm
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Our official weather-to-be:

Lake effect snow showers will increase in intensity this evening
and will become heavy at times through Tuesday morning. Snowfall
rates may exceed 2 inches per hour at times tonight and Tuesday
morning. Gusty north winds in open areas will also create blowing and
drifting snow... occasionally reducing visibilities below one quarter
of a mile. Look for additional accumulations of 6 to 10 inches
tonight and 4 to 8 inches Tuesday.

I think they're going to throw me out of the moms union, I like it when the kids have a snow day. I don't really expect it tomorrow but it would be nice to have them home :).
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Weather today: warm, low 30s, according to the Weather Underground the forecast calls for "ice pellets." Ice pellets? What the hell are ice pellets? Wouldn't that be sleet, or hail, or something like that?

Weather tomorrow: winter storm watch, oh yay.

Weather for the weekend: cold, cold. Highs in the negatives.

A good time to stay home. :)
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Lots of snow, glad I don't have to drive in it.
I'm tired of being sick.
I wish we had a few more days of weekend :(.


Oct. 18th, 2004 04:55 pm
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The snow is melting, the kids are arguing about who has which doll feet (frickin' Bratz dolls with disappearing feet!).

My computer has decided it doesn't need to access the internet today (using Dan's at the moment :)).

So, yeah, I'm late on everything net-related today!


Oct. 16th, 2004 12:24 pm
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Well, we certainly chose a good weekend for Winter Finding because we have certainly found winter.

I imagine the snow will melt next week, but right now we've got it and it's accumulating.


Oct. 10th, 2004 06:48 pm
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We're finally getting some fall color; it's a bit muted compared to some years, but still lovely.

I went to JoAnn's today to get things to make a small wall altar for Dionysos, a premade shelf, paints, brushes. Just something simple. (No room for much more than that. :)) Not sure I'm in a creative kind of mood at the moment, but that's all right, now that I have the stuff I can make it whenever I like. Painting isn't one of my major skills.

But first I need to go bake something for the girls' lunches this week.

Damn, I am just so scintillating today... :)
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Today is is miserably hot and humid and disgusting. I would much prefer it grey and rainy and depressing :).

Actually, I would prefer nice cool crisp fall weather--any time now, it's September after all!
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It's been raining for the last few days, the girls are cranky because they want to go out and play, I am cranky because they are cranky. And a sure sign of spring--I'm coming down with (I hope) the last cold of the season. :P
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Actually it's not supposed to hit until almost noon tomorrow. As long as I don't have to drive in it I don't mind too much--there's something cozy and slightly smug about being in a warm house, looking out the window for the three feet you can actually see before there's nothing but white, listening to the wind shriek.

I'm up trying to change my email address wherever I've been using the old one up until now (like Livejournal, for example :)). I've had it for about ten years, I know I'll miss something or someone.
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We're trying out a new ISP. Dan has been having more problems with the old one than I have--it keeps telling him that his empty inbox is taking up most of his allotted disk space :P--but I haven't been very happy with it either. So last night, after he spent 2 1/2 hours on hold (yes, he's stubborn) with their tech support line and finally gave up (no, he's not that stubborn), I signed us up for a month with another one. I'm still in the process of switching mail lists and so forth over, and currently both addresses work. But--I was finally able to upload some new LJ icons! Yay! (Yes, the old ISP has a problem with letting me upload those little tiny LJ icon files!)

Before I went to bed last night, I had the brilliant idea of letting dinner cook in the crockpot all night so we could eat at noon or so. Checked it this morning--it had been coooking at low for about 9 hours at that point--man, slow cooking means SLOW, doesn't it? I turned it up to high, hopefully we'll have our corned beef and cabbage sometime this afternoon. I guess I don't use the thing often enough to understand it yet :).

Our winter has returned. Winds have been fierce, and it's been snowing again, a little bit. A good day to stay indoors.
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