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Of course A is for Aphrodite, of course Aphrodite comes first. Aphrodite always comes first. She turned me into a hard polytheist, she turned my practice into faith, she turned the possible into the certain.

Fifteen or so years ago, I had a lot of questions about why, of all the gods, I would hear most strongly from Aphrodite. I was a married mom of two young daughters, I never wore makeup or styled my hair, I hated heels and hose and bras, dressed for comfort rather than style, didn't care for traditional romance or depictions of it and found love stories tedious regardless of the medium, tended to forget my own anniversaries, and put a very high value on time spent alone. I just didn't seem the type. (All those things are still true, by the way.)

What I did have, however, was a high sex drive and an appreciation for the transformative qualities of ecstasy. Without that, I think my spiritual journey might have stalled out early on. Aphrodite provided (and provides) for me an anchor, a sure and solid presence that is always there. Everything else fades in and out of shadow. Aphrodite alone is constant; my sense of her may ebb and flow but she is never absent.
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