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Goddess, I offer you my fear,
the nameless, baseless terrors
that rise in the dark, in the light,
with no warning. I offer you
the long late nights, the days when sleep
is rest and hiding place in one,
for courage is yours to grant, O goddess.

Goddess, I offer you my weakness,
my shrinking world, the limits
that cling like moss to a stone.
I offer you those things I once did
with ease but do no longer,
my long-lost trust in my own might,
for strength is yours to grant, O goddess.

Goddess, I offer you my lies,
the tales I've told to ease my way,
the pretty stories, nearly so,
the truly false, the falsely true,
the memories that flex with time,
I offer you all self-deceit,
for truth is yours to grant, O goddess.
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