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Is "spiritual enough" a real thing? Is it even possible? (Or, for that matter, advisable?)

I think it's normal, for a lot of us, NOT to be fully immersed in our spiritual life at all times. To strike some sort of balance, however uneven.

There are certainly times when I am--when every waking moment that isn't occupied with other life requirements is spent writing or praying or researching or making things or doing ritual. There are times when I think of nothing but the gods.

But there are also times when I do my daily devotions and that is it. Times when I'm occupied primarily with other things.

And sometimes during those times I feel a bit guilty--that whatever I am expending my efforts on is a waste of those efforts.

But I'm learning not to feel that way. I'm someone who is always going to live in the world and I think that has to be all right.

As a multi-faith (polytraditional?) person, I think this may be more of an issue. My spiritually-focused times tend to be fairly specific to one of my several practices at a time. I do maintain the basics for all, but the extra work is all or nothing. I think it may balance out in the long run but I really have no way of knowing this for sure.

But in my experience there is little in life that is unchanging. Sometimes it's one group of gods I feel more strongly, sometimes it is another. Ebb and flow, as one moves away for a while, another comes closer. And it's the same with god-focused time and world-focused times--ebb and flow. That's not a bad thing.
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