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Dan and the girls went to the fireworks last night and elder daughter took pictures.

Cut because they're pictures )

Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate it! :)
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I'm working on making food for New Year's Eve; starting with a chocolate pound cake (it's my favorite recipe,the one that all too often collapses into an inverted volcano, but it's yummy so try, try again...). Can't make anything else until Dan gets home with the ingredients, so I'm taking a break after cleaning off the kitchen counters (within reason).

Winter snow advisory tonight, supposed to be over tomorrow at 6 AM. Up to 5 inches, they say (we often get more where we are).
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Yule quilt progress as of today: 56/64

I'm so not tired. Long nap. Dan has also had a long nap, hope he turns it into a long night of sleep.

I'm just about done with holiday shopping (yay!).

The girls have only a week of holiday break this year, presumably because they started later than usual (after Labor Day). :( Not a fun thing, I'd rather have them home longer. (Possibly I will change my mind on that poing if they don't quite squabbling after Giftmas...)

I'm less tired now, therefore more cheerful. :)

I had an awesome Yule but I'm sure glad we only do that once a year!
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Elder daughter has pretty well appropriated the Sims game :); that's all right, she's enjoying herself.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor, going to find out if I keep taking the beta blockers or not (and I'm dreading having blood pressure taken--I can't stand having that done, I'd rather be stuck with ten needles than have that blood pressure cuff put on me once!--this of course does not bode well for good blood pressure figures, lol!); not sure what to hope for, really.

And I think I know what all I'm making for New Year's, or rather I know what I'm going to go buy ingredients to make--whether it all gets made depends on how much time I end up with (I'd forgotten about Pagan Coffee Night tomorrow, so I don't have that time to work with--but I think I can probably get it all done regardless, just won't be quite such a leisurely schedule of cooking :)).

I'm tired. Slept late today and am still tired. Life is dull after the last month's flurry of activity, maybe that's got something to do with it :).
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We're about set for "giftmas" tomorrow. The girls are surprisingly mellow, although that might be due to the last remnants (I hope!) of the flu.

Stockings are filled, tree is laden with gifts (although not the obscene mass that was there last year--last year was the year of big gifts, never again! :)), I made the pie, just have to clean the kitchen when I get a bit more energy (I'm feeling better, though) and I'll be all set.

I'm starting to get caught up on things, I think.
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The girls are feeling better, meaning they're no longer spending all day lying on the couch, but they're still not feeling great. Dan is still sick, as am I. (My cough is better but my energy is nonexistent. Wash the dishes? Have a rest. Take a shower? Sit down and rest a while. Drive into town to run a few errands? Collapse in a chair for half an hour. Sucks.)

Needless to say, I haven't wrapped a single gift yet, guess I have to do that tonight (luckily I can do that sitting on the floor :)), assuming I can stay up any later than the kids do :). The girls decorated the tree today almost by themselves, I was too tired to help; actually that worked out, they enjoy it, and I really don't anymore. They did a nice job.
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