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Winter Finding is tomorrow; as always, we'll honor UllR and Skadhi; there's at least one person planning to hunt this winter, so we'll include the weapon blessing. We have had some cold weather but it's been pretty warm the last few days, which doesn't feel quite "right" for this festival, but we've had warm ones before, it's just not what I'm used ti.

Made a chocolate chip cheesecake, hope it turns out well.

Tonight Read Window is on, a favorite movie (and my second-favorite Hitchcock, after Rope), so I'm watching it. I don't consider myself a Jimmy Stewart fan, particularly (my earliest memories of him are his appearances on the Carson Tonight Show, reading poems about dogs or some such thing) but I do tend to like the movies he's in, so there you go.
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Well, it looks like our Winter Finding is going to be on the 17th, which is cool. We're almost certain to be holding it indoors--then again, there's a fair chance of that happening even when we hold it nearer the equinox. Early snows and all that. Go Skadhi :).

I'm thinking of rereading Ginette Paris' Pagan Grace. Maybe because it's lighter reading than I've been doing, but it isn't, really--just an easier read.

I tried a new cookie recipe today, chocolate-chocolate chip, which I'm not altogether happy with--the cookies are nice and chewy but the flavor is a little...watered-down comes to mind although I'm not sure that's a reasonable thing to say of cookies. However, they are awesome with a little peanut butter. And I'm thinking that they'd be pretty good made into whoopie pies (with cream in the middle). So, not a total failure.
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Tonight I got to see two Poirot movies on A&E. That's four hours of Suchet's Poirot. Yeah, I'm a sucker for mysteries, old ones or British ones. It's a happy thing :).

Finished my first read of Kerenyi's Dionysos this weekend. I say "first read" because it's going to take at least a few more to get through the layers, Kerenyi is like that. Learned quite a bit I didn't know.

We're trying to reschedule Winter Finding due to folks' different schedules, looks like it's going to be in mid-October, so we'll probably shift Winternights into November. A little late but that's not really a problem, I know I don't personally feel tied to traditional dates, and we've never held either on what might have been more traditional anyway. To some extent we have kind of continued to adhere to the usual neopagan year as far as spacing of festivals. Well, Yule goes when Yule goes. Midsummer is at Midsummer. The rest is trying to have them not too close, not too far apart.
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I was thinking about Winter Finding coming up later this month; I'd written those two short pieces for Skadhi and UllR, and one of my kindred members found some musio for Skadhi that she wants to use--we don't usually have music, so that will he a nice change.

Usually our blot format is pretty simple--we do a round to each god we are honoring in that particular ritual, and anyone who wants to has an opportunity to say whatever the like, either prepared or off the cuff, or just to hail the god. I guess this is a little unusual, because in other blots I've been in, the horn goes around and folks hail all different gods during all the rounds. Which is fine--just different. I don't really want to switch to that--I rather like the devoted rounds--but am wondering about the possibility of having an additional round so folks can hail gods who they want to hail but who are not being specifically honored in that particular ritual. Just a thought.
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We had our Winter Finding yesterday; it went well, one might even say smoothly (as we are an occasionally anarchic kindred, that's saying something :)). Eight people attending. Thanks to the Vans for our good harvest this year and farewell to summer; welcome to Skadhi and UllR (and winter!); blessings for luck and safety on those who intend to hunt this season.

And food, lots of food. Always lots of food.
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Winter Finding is coming up in about a week and a half, and I committed to writing something for Skadhi. Since where we live, we often have full fall colors by the equinox, it is a good time to welcome the winter which is coming very, very soon; therefore, we honor Skadhi and UllR then, both gods of winter and of hunting. We ask for their blessings on any hunting that our folks will be doing (we have several hunters in our group), and for safety during our winter travels. (I've lived here most of my life and I'm still a big wuss when it comes to driving in a blizzard.) Anyway, I finished it! I'm sure it's not brilliant (and it's definitely not skaldic) but I'm not displeased with it.

Skadhi, clear-eyed huntress and bow-woman,
Thjazi's daughter, battle-maid avenging
with flashing sword his death, accepter
of weregild, courageous and beautiful
bride of brave Njord, sea-god and shore-dweller
whose hall you left for the peaks of Thrymheim.
Dear to you are the howls of wolves, Skadhi,
dark lady who brings the snows of winter;
the fiercest storms and deadly ice are yours.
Guide our arrows to their goals, shining one,
keep us safe in our winter travels.
Hail Skadhi!

I guess I need to find out if anyone else is planning on writing something for UllR.
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