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Feb. 21st, 2005 12:54 pm
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Winter Camping is over (last person left this morning) and I guess that means I'm back :). They had pretty good weather for it--the blizzard didn't hit until yesterday, when everyone was taking off anyway--and it seems to have been a success. A lot less stressful on my end as well, since I didn't cook for it this year :).

Next weekend = Frey study group and margarita party.
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Dan took both girls to the SCA event (it's fairly close), so I've had a day to myself. And where did I go? Wal-Mart, where else? Art supplies for the girls :) and an Alice in Chains CD for me because I'm tired of waiting to hear "Heaven Beside You" on the radio, now I can play it until I'm sick of it. Then I ate at KFC (no one else is particularly fond of it, it's my own guilty pleasure), came home, ate ice cream out of the container (Edy's, some chocolate-peanut butter thing--again, no one likes it but me :)). Man, almost a whole free day and I do nothing useful!


Sep. 7th, 2003 12:09 pm
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Well, I guess the revel was a success. We had something over 30 people show up, which considering that we live out in the boonies is pretty impressive; I guess there are a lot of new folks interested in the group this year. One of the good things about being in a college town is that you do get an influx of potential new members every fall; one of the bad things, of course, is that every four years or so you lose a bunch of people. I suspect that's one of the reason my SCA interest tends to be quite low--I've been here since just about the start of the group fifteen years ago, and since then have seen group after group of people I liked a lot leave. At one point I was a bit envious of non-college groups with a comparatively stable membership (at this point it doesn't matter much to me). And with each change the new people are relatively younger. Of course it's not the difference in age, it's the difference in life--freshman college students and parents with kids tend to have different schedules, different priorities, etc. The students are almost uniformly nice people, though. SCA tends to draw them. :) Currently about 1/3 of the group is made up of relatively-long-term local members, a considerable improvement over the past.

I had a chance to talk to someone who had expressed interest in taking over as chronicler; she's reviewed her schedule and doesn't think she can commit to it. Fair enough, and I'd rather she not take on more than she may be able to handle. It does mean that I need to start looking for someone else to do it--I'd much rather be able to hand the office off to someone else than to just drop it.
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I made double fudge brownies with two kinds of chips(not medieval), chocolate chip bar cookies (not medieval), and have baked the meatballs (medieval, but not the way I'm making them--in a sour cream sauce :)), and set the teriyaki wings (definitely not medieval!) marinating. Hey, it's food. I'm not planning on wearing garb, either, but will probably be working on embroidering a tunic (so that's something anyway).

Actually I think I may be feeling a flicker of interest in the SCA again but it's too soon to be sure :). Not enough of one to keep the office of Chronicler, however! That's got to go (to whoever I can convince to take it :)) and the sooner the better.

And I think we've passed abruptly from summer to fall--the weather has cooled and the leaves are starting to turn. I much prefer fall :).
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Just waiting for our isp to get email working again...

I'm looking for ways to cut back on some time-consuming things, since I plan to be busier come fall. I'm hoping to spend a fair amount of time studying, and I'm going to home-preschool my 4-year-old (she'll be going to public school for kindergarten but that's not for another year), which could be fun or could be not, depending on how well I plan :).

So I've decided to quit the office of Chronicler (person who does the newsletter) for our local SCA group. I'm only barely, marginally involved in the group anyway. True, it doesn't take up a great deal of time but every little bit helps. I might possibly have someone interested in taking on the office, but even if that doesn't work out, I'm not going to be doing it. At some point in the last ten years or so, I'm not sure when, I developed the ability to say "No." It's been useful. :)
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Another day of baking. I've finished a double batch of blueberry muffins and a double batch of double chocolate muffins, and am almost finished with the three nisu (Finnish cardamom bread). A nisu and a few muffins will stay home, the rest will go with me and a friend tomorrow.

I'm torn between being really impressed with myself for getting this much done at all since I can't run any water down the drains at the moment (plumbing problem, don't ask, makes washing dishes an interesting job though :)), and feeling that I should have managed to do more cooking anyway. One of those "one must always bring masses of food when going to a gathering" things. Generally I enjoy it, which is kind of odd since I'm not all that fond of cooking. I had all these great ideas for stuff to make, ended up going with (mostly) those that created the fewest dishes to wash. I eliminated one item (carrot bread) from consideration because it requires a food processor and cleaning the food processor is such a pain even if you haven't been using it on instant-stain carrots!

Then again I also enjoy being feastocrat for our local SCA group, at least on rare occasion, and always wonder why that is because, well, see above about me and cooking :). I'm a fair cook, but a practical cook--function over form, as with just about everything else. Well, ideally function and form but if you can only have one...
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