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Still sick (just the head cold but really annoying); our Ostara is tomorrow, the ritual is ready, need to peel potatoes and make a cheesecake. Next time I feel up to standing, I'll do that.

I don't know why any of you keep me on your Flists, I haven't had anything interesting to say in ages...
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Mostly over a several-day bout with stomach flu, still having some pain but most of the symptoms are gone. On the plus side, my foot/ankle seems to be improving now, still have a nice big lump there but the bruising is fading fast, and I'm not limping nearly as much as I have been. This has been a hell of a winter.

So I've been off-line, and in fact off-everything (when you are too sick to watch TV you are sick! :)). But mostly better now, and waiting for tonight's Ostara rit (luckily I had a script from last year that I was able to tweak a bit, because I definitely wasn't writing anything new this week...)


Mar. 11th, 2005 12:24 am
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Hail to Ostara, swift one, fair one.
We welcome you, we ask your blessing.
We see bare branches lined with white,
we step with care on the slick-packed snow,
waiting for the first pale leaves to sprout,
for timid crocuses to pierce the ice.
Ostara, in you we see the might
of new life, of what will be in time
and through hard work. Hail Ostara!


Mar. 19th, 2004 11:07 pm
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I've made a chocolate cheesecake, prepared two pans of stuffed shells to bake tomorrow, and have absolutely no memory of hurting my ankle but apparently I did. I guess that's as ready as I'm getting tonight :).

I finished knitting the cloth for Aphrodite's altar a few days ago and can't decide what to start on next; I've got yarn for a few possibilities but I'm not sure which I want to spend the next few weeks on. I'm about six inches into one for our heathen altar (but it's brown, and while it will look nice when it's done I can't stand looking at it while I'm working on it for too long :)). Also I have retained the quilters' tendency to have more than one project in the works at all times. I really should make one for my general Hellenic altar, but it needs to be about twice the size of the others I've made, which is holding me back a bit. Anyway, simple is good. I'm fond of seed stitch but I'm looking into some other small and subtle patterns. I'll see what looks good to me on Sunday (the next time I'll have time to sit and think).
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I've decided to stop worrying about next weekend's Ostara. I'm sure that whatever they-who-are-planning-it come up with will be fine. I have a short piece prepared for Ostara and I just remembered that I have a longer piece for Sif that I wrote and have never used. (So yeah, that's why I think I've got a chance at not worrying so much. :)) What gets done, gets done; what doesn't, doesn't. (Let's see how long I can hold that thought...)

I'm going to try to catch up some on online stuff today (that and maybe take a nap--still not quite well).

For Ostara

Mar. 4th, 2004 12:18 am
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Hail to white-clad Ostara, flower-maid,
within winter's grasp we see, so faintly,
pale green against white, purple crocuses
piercing the snow, through a thin crust of ice,
slowly but certainly you come to us.
Fair Ostara, distant one, longed-for one,
soft-stepping one, we welcome you once more.
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