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Bought a new wall lamp today to replace the one that shorted out and blew a circuit yesterday. (Dan is looking into fixing the old one to put up elsewhere,)

Bought a new set of casseroles today, replacing in particular the 2 1/2-qt. one I broke last week by dropping a wine bottle on it, and replacing as well the 2-qt. one that broke last year (cause unknown).

Bought a new fan to put by the computer, or wherever needed.

Bought myself a new wind-up alarm clock to replace the ancient one that finally broke this week.

Bought summer hats for the girls, and new sandals for elder daughter (Birkenstock knock-offs but look decent).
I also shopped online today for tank tops for them (3/$12 at Old Navy, and these are cute). All replacements for outgrown or destroyed items.

Did laundry at the expensive laundromat because of where it's located. I'm not sure whether I really spent more money, because it saved me a trip to the other laundromat.

Somehow I feel like a spending spree should be more decadent...
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