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Because all thoughts of gardening come into existence when there's no danger of having to do any actual work, I'm thinking that I might try to plant a small plot of flax next summer, to spin. It's a Frigga thing. I guess I should find out first if it will grow here.
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Any day that starts with mopping already has two strikes against it.

(Younger daughter dropped a full gallon jug of milk on the kitchen floor, and it split open.)

On the bright side, more roses are blooming and it smells wonderful in the front yard!
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I missed my first chance to vote because I had just gone off to collge, far out of state, and never got around to getting an absentee ballot. I was 18, and that was 1980. I haven't missed an election since. I've been reading (in LJ and on mailing lists) about folks' memories of the Reagan years, their opinions of him as a president. I didn't vote for him, wouldn't have even if I had gotten that ballot, but I never had a particular dislike of the man--he seemed nice enough, although since I've always been pretty liberal I didn't agree with much of his platform. (And if I had disliked him, I couldn't have wished anything worse for him than what did inevitably happen to him.) So, no great thoughts from here (although I may steer clear of the History Channel and CNN for a while! :)).

Dan is out doing yardwork, potting hops and grapes and so forth. I'm about to get to work clearing some stuff out of the way upstairs so that we can try to get that mattress out later. We'll be sleeping on the couches for a couple of days, but it's going to be quite a job getting things ready for the new mattres that's coming next week. I'm still not sure how we're going to get it in.


Jun. 2nd, 2004 01:44 pm
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I have been researching arbors and other grape-growing structures online today, for Dan. He has, actually, a highly ambitious project in mind, in which, in about a 24 X 5' area he could set up trellises, beds, etc. to grow his hops (which are already there), my grapes, and whatever other items come to mind (I'm thinking strawberries?). Anyway, he is interested in seeing what's typically done, so I've been trying to find out. It's a long way from the four-posts-and-some-wire idea I had in mind! and I'm guessing not something to be accomplished in just one summer, but it will be interesting to see what he comes up with.
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I've been searching for info on grape-growing today. The grapes are arriving next week and I should really have some clue as to what to do with them when they get here. I'm thinking four poles and a bunch of mulch, right now. A trellis-y structure eventually, though that can probably wait a bit since they are not likely to grow a great deal in the first year (not with the late spring we seem to be having). I also know that I am likely to get sidetracked by design ideas if I try to do the trellis right away; I will just have to be satisfied with four posts at the corners of an 8X8' area!

I am tired, debating a nap, although I had some writing I wanted to do as well--we'll see if I can formulate coherent sentences and then make a decision!
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My crocuses are up today. They weren't up yesterday--and even today it's only the yellows, not the purples--but there they are, the first of the spring flowers. I automatically glanced over at the rosebushes, the leaves aren't even budding yet, as they shouldn't be, but somehow I had to look.

Some years I'm already thinking about planting something, this year I'm not. Well, maybe grapes--I've had it in mind to see if I can get some grapes going, although I'm not sure where to put them. Something hardy. Something that, in a few years, I can use to make a sweet red wine :).

I've been trying to write something about Beltane, for the local pagan newsletter. (Someone suggested writing something about how to dance the Maypole, since we've certainly had plenty of experience of the trial-and-error sort, and I did, and it's either too long or too short depending on where I want to put it...) Drawing a blank. Well, actually, that's not quite true--I am drawing a blank on things I want to include, which is Beltane activities--you know, Maypole dancing, bonfire jumping, screwing in the woods... (Not that we can depend on warm enough temps here for that last one...) I don't know--I'm thinking of going into broad themes, the fertility aspect. Maybe a brief discussion of how different pagan faiths might celebrate the holiday? I'm having more trouble than anticipated "writing eclectic," you know? :) But I have some time before it needs to be done, one of the pluses of a very small press run :).
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Early to bed is the plan :). I was up far too late last night trimming half-square triangle units (a quilting thing--I make them too big and trim them to size, since I'm somewhat more accurate cutting than I am sewing :)). I'm afraid I'm no longer too optimistic about finishing this thing on time, but hopefully it won't be too terribly late. I'm hoping to get the trimming done in a day or two and then start assembling the top.

It's going to be a long week :).

My rosebushes (they only bloom once a year but it's pretty spectacular) are starting to drop their blossoms. I think that's it for my flowers. I guess I should plant something that blooms a bit later--not that we have much of a growing season here to work with.

We're skipping drum circle tonight. Well, I tend to skip it anyway--I'm afraid I lost interest at about the same time that (or possibly because :)) some of the others started to get more serious and try to actually learn how to do it instead of just feeling their way. But the rest of my family is skipping it as well, means they're here, which is nice but distracting. I'm in ADF chat now, which is usually fun, but I'm too tired to focus on two conversations tonight.

As I said, early to bed :).
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I'm back from the heathen weekend, and just about caught up on sleep. When did I get so old that I cared about getting enough sleep?

I took the girls to swimming class today, two weeks of heaven for them :). I'm not sure the 4-year-old will learn all that much but she is having a great time, and I'm really proud of her--she's one of the littler ones and she's doing great. I knew she liked lake "swimming" (we live about three miles from Lake Superior) but wasn't sure how she'd take to a pool. As for me, I know from experience that watching little kids hang onto the edge of the pool and kick will lose its fascination after a few days, so I'm bringing a book :).

And all of my rosebushes are in bloom--they are gorgeous, and they smell wonderful--when the wind blows the right way, sitting on the porch with a good book and a cold drink is even more pleasant than usual :).
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I made four pies (two strawberry, two cherry) and a massive batch of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink potato salad; Dan will be taking them tomorrow to a heathen gathering. I'll only be day-tripping on Saturday so will be spending a good chunk of tomorrow in the kitchen as well (sigh--maybe it won't be quite so hot...)

Cool stuff--a yellow rosebush I planted about three years ago, that I thought had died (it's next to the road so the plows throw piles of snow on it all winter) is blooming! I'm thrilled!
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The summer after my younger daughter was born (she's four now), I planted three rose bushes in the front yard. I never feel like it's really and truly summer until they start to bloom. The white roses started to bloom today, the pink ones will probably be out tomorrow, and the red ones by the end of the week.

Happy summer!
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I'm alone in ADF chat; looks like SorceryNet is up to it's old tricks, getting in at all was a challenge. If everyone is having this problem it could be a slow night! A good chance to multitask and catch up on some computer stuff, in that case.

My daughter came running in today, shouting that she had "escaped from school!" Until September, but when you're eight, three months might as well be three years. It'll be great to have her back home with me for a while, and the little one is thrilled, at least until she tires of big-sister bossiness.

I'm debating whether to plant tulips or daylilies in front of the house this fall. Tulips are less expensive, but they're strictly spring blooms, while if I choose wisely I can have daylilies most of the summer. Plus I've already got a small bed of spring bulbs out front. Hm, maybe I'm done debating :).
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