Mar. 2nd, 2005

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We never did get that storm. Got snow, but no storm. We don't have anything going on this weekend so I'm hoping to get Ostara sketched out, at least. That and sleep a lot. :)
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The local grocery store finally fixed the chocolate frosting it puts on its doughnuts so that it stays on the doughnuts.

Comic books arrived today. Comic books make me happy!

Playgroup is tomorrow and I'll get to talk to nice people. :)
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I am told that the weasel on the back porch is a short-tailed weasel, also known as a stoat. Apparently they will kill, kill, kill mice as long as there are mice to kill. They'll store them for later. And, when they run out of space, keep killing. Kind of the Terminator of rodentia.

They are cute as hell, though :).
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